Unbelievable And Extraordinary Extra Large Dog Houses

A dog in a pool of water

If you have a dog who loves to spend a lot of time outside, then you can try out these dog houses for them. They should be mostly kept indoors but if you want them to have a bit more exposure to the outside environment, dog houses are a good investment. If you have more than one dog, you can try using the extra large dog houses available in the market, so that no dog can hog the entire room, and there’s always space available for all.

Partitioned Extra Large Dog House

A dog sitting in front of a window

This dog house comes with two doors and a partition. You can house two dogs easily in it and more if your dogs are smaller in size. You can find this on Amazon.

Dog House With A View

A dog sitting on a chair

This dog house comes with a rooftop. It makes for a fun addition to the boring design and your pup can have quite exciting times on it!

Antique Double Entrance Dog House

This dog house is an antique upgrade on the basic extra large dog house with two doors and a partition. If you have a knack for vintage things, this one’s for you!

Wooden Barn Dog House

This dog house comes with a covered porch. It gives a nice option to your doggo to either lounge inside the dog house or chill out in the open on the porch.

Dog House With Storage And Food Bowl Tray

This dog house comes with a storage and food bowl tray on it’s outside. It’s a multipurpose dog house has storage compartment for toys as well as his food. If you’re worried about the mess that happens each time you have to feed them, this will solve your problems.

Lodge Dog House with Porch

This dog house is modelled in the form of a porch and has beautiful solid fir wood and dark accents. It’s raised floor panels and sunning deck make for a novel design and make for a fantastic addition to decorate your yard. Your doggo can lounge on the deck to it’s heart’s content.

‘Dog’s Inn’ Pine Dog House

This dog house is waterproof and breathable and can survive in any kind of weather. It can support dogs upto 70 pounds, it has adjustable legs , hinged roof and removable flooring. All of these extra features make it very easy to modify the dog house to fit your fancies and also make it easy to clean and maintain.

Archie Dog House

This dog house has a strong overhang and a durable plastic roof providing protection even in monsoon and has white and gray panelling to keep it trendy. Your doggo can easily stay out in it even during rainfall. Medium to large dogs are the best fit for this.

Rufus Cream And Oak Dog House

This dog house is modelled in the form of a log cabin.  It makes for a cute and fun addition to your house and your dog to remain happy in!

Heated Dog House with deck

This dog house comes with a long-lasting, thermostatically controlled heater that is such a brilliant modification to the usual boring dog houses. It comes with a deck too , so your doggo is sure to have fun in it aside from remaining warm the whole day without you worrying at all!

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