Top 3 Myths About Schutzhund That Need To Get Busted

Top 3 Myths About Schutzhund That Need To Get Busted

Did you ever get across anyone cursing the Schutzhund? If you have, then you’re not alone.

There’s a lot of myths about the protection training of dogs and some of them are downright silly. They say that protection training is literally hurting your dog to teach them how to hurt others. But that’s not the case.

In this article, you’re going to learn about the 3 most common myths about Schutzhund you’ll ever hear. And we’ll bust them.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in…

You’re Training Your Dogs To Bite Others

Top 3 Myths About Schutzhund That Need To Get Busted
Top 3 Myths About Schutzhund That Need To Get Busted

Who came up with this one? Schutzhund is literally training a dog to protect his owner. This way, the dogs get closer to their owners and protect them if the need ever arises.

There is no Schutzhund-trained dog who randomly bites people on the road. And the first and foremost criteria for training a dog Schutzhund is that they should have a stable temperament. No one trains a dog with bad temperament this sport as they already have an aggressive nature.

Here’s the thing. A dog who has received protection training is very obedient to his master. And they’ll never go on their own to bite someone unless their master provokes them. So, you can take your dog trained with this sport anywhere without any worry. They’ll even play with a little child.

So, next time anyone says you that the dogs trained in Schutzhund are dangerous, don’t listen to them.

Schutzhund Means Abusing Your Dog To Make Him Bite

Just because you’re training your dog to bite doesn’t mean you’re threatening them to do it. In fact, no dog trainer ever abuse any dog to bite. It’s already inside them so you’re just teaching your dog how and when to bite. And there’s no need to abuse them to do that.

Yeah, we agree that you need to frustrate your dog somehow to make them bite or at least bark. But the dogs who receive Schutzhund training are bred in a way that you can positively encourage them to bite so you don’t need to push them hard.

That’s why only certain dog breeds like German Shepard or Rottweiler are allowed to get trained with this unique sport.

You’re Treating Your Dog As An Object

Top 3 Myths About Schutzhund That Need To Get Busted
Top 3 Myths About Schutzhund That Need To Get Busted

Let’s get this thing straight. Teaching your dog how to protect you from a certain kind of danger isn’t equal to treating them like an object. So many people who see the protection training of the dogs have this common misconception.

They think Schutzhund is literally treating your dog as an object. Well, it’s not. Sure, some people think of dogs as their personal property and treat them like an object. But that’s not most people. Most people take their dogs to a protention training instructor to strengthen their bond with their dogs.

Also, the stick that the trainers use to evoke the dogs is totally padded and they don’t hit the dogs hard with it. They just lightly touch it with the dogs’ bodies to check their aggressiveness.

Therefore, if someone complains about Schutzhund to you in the future, take them to the club and let them see how it works for themselves.

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