Tips And Tricks For Pit Bull Training

Tips And Tricks For Pit Bull Training

Are you having a hard time in training your Pit Bull to be a friendly family pet? Training a dog can be a very confusing and daunting job at times, especially when it is a playful Pitbull. Due to their extra energy and aggression, Pitbull training is a bit harder as compared to the training of other dog breeds. But all your worries end here. In this article, we will discuss various tips and tricks to properly train your Pitbull dog, most of which is also applicable to any other dog breed.

9 simple steps Of Training Your Pit Bull

  • Start Early: Training a dog is just like teaching a child. The earlier you start, the earlier he will learn to be calm and obedient. This point is really important in the case of the Pitbull training process to redirect its energy in the right direction from the very beginning. This will help to instill the desired behaviors pretty easily and shape him to be a friendly and efficient pet.
  • Stay Calm: There will be instances when your dog will go out of your hand and do something completely unacceptable. You need to stay calm and patient with him all the time. Pressurizing your pet or using force will not help. Your pet will have only fearful feelings towards you which will deteriorate the situation.
  • Be commanding:  Yes, you need to pamper your dog. But at the same time, you need to have a commanding tone. Make him realize who is in command or else, your Pitbull will not pay enough heed to your orders.
  • Take him out to socialize: Pitbulls are naturally aggressive towards strangers. Your Pitbull puppy must feel comfortable around other dogs and strangers from its early days. You don’t want your pet to become aggressive when a stranger wants to pamper him. Therefore, socialization should be an integral part of your Pit Bull training process. This will lower your dog’s anxiety level while in crowds or the street.
Tips And Tricks For Pit Bull Training
Tips And Tricks For Pitbull Training
  • Praise for the good:  Praise your dog whenever he does something good. Maybe giving a cookie or a tight hug will intensify the feelings. The moment of appreciation will stay in your dog’s memory and it will compel him to repeat the feat in the future. This trick applies not only to a Pitbull training curriculum but every other dog breed.
  • Teach him basic gestures: It is a good idea to use some basic gestures for actions like stop, emergency or run while dealing with your dog. This will help to control your pet in various environments such as in a park or maybe in front of your guests.

If your dog, unfortunately, happens to be blind, then you can either use words or touching techniques to teach the aforementioned basic actions.

  • Use the leash: Including this to your Pitbull training process will teach your pet to be obedient when the leash is on. This is particularly useful while hanging outdoors. The dog will have enough freedom for movement while following you. And if he tries to go out of his way, you will just have to nudge on the leash.
  • Observe your dog: This one is important for any dog breed. Try to understand the body language of your dog from the very beginning. Figure out the situations when he feels anxious or afraid. It may be around other dogs or maybe from height or something else. In those times, find out a way to calm him down and repeat it whenever the situation arises.
Tips And Tricks For Pit Bull Training
Tips And Tricks For Pit Bull Training
  • Use their energy for exercises or games: Use the extreme energy inherited by your Pitbull in various exercises or playing games. Take him for a walk every day. Make it a routine of your Pitbull training. It will keep both you and your dog healthy and happy.

Whenever possible, try to repeat these steps in your Pit Bull training process. This will help your dog to turn the lessons into a new habit. Be gentle and considerate towards him. Eventually, you will get to your goal.

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