These Farm Animals Are Almost As Smart As Your Dog, If Not More (#5 Is Quite Surprising!)

Thinking that farm animals are different from our cats and dogs is a cultural illusion that helps us rationalize the mass-producing and slaughtering of these animals for food. Indeed, chickens, cows, or even donkeys are not less smart or emotionally-different than most of our domestic pets. Keep scrolling to discover 5 amazing farm animals that are smarter than your pet.


While chickens don’t care about their surroundings, they’re brilliant. In reality, specific shapes and colors can also be distinguished. According to a book entitled “How to Speak Chicken,” on a scroll wheel equipped to peck at one of the different shapes (a square, circle, triangle, and rectangle), chickens could pick their shape out of the group, no matter how the shapes were arranged. When their particular shape was removed, the chickens looked blankly at it and wouldn’t peck at the other shapes. When the correct shape was reintroduced, it was nipped as taught. Also, chickens can inform the rest of the group where to find food and warn them of predators.

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