The Best Dog Chew Toys – All You Need To Know

best dog chew toys

The best dog chews are made for very small dogs with powerful jaws. They should be strong enough to resist the will of a larger dog. Small dogs are usually in a hurry to get to their next meal or need to relieve their bladder before it is too late to make it back to the designated elimination area. Dogs with these types of mouths are usually in a constant state of anxiety and may be more difficult to satisfy. Chewing small objects like chocolate, small rubber toys, or other similar objects may give your pet a rush of adrenaline, which is why you should only provide these small dog toys as playthings.

An Overview

A small dog playing with a toy

Deer Antlers chew toys that are often used by puppies as teething toys. Teething puppies gnaw on objects to help with the discomfort of teething pain and encourage chewing habits. Deer antlers are used by these dogs for short periods of time and when they bite down they do not use much pressure. In most cases, it takes several bites for a puppy to destroy a teething toy made from teething bucks. Because of this, deer antlers are not the best dog chew toys for puppies and teething puppies should not chew on deer antlers.

Plastic chew toys. Plastic chew toys are extremely hard because they are typically made from polyethylene plastic. Because plastic is such a hard material, the teeth on a plastic toy will not be able to easily dig into soft tissue, making them safer than other hard toy materials. However, plastic toys can be very choking hazards and should be given only to dogs with proper teeth. Puppies should not be given plastic toys as chew toys and the parent must supervise any toy instruction for safety purposes.

Best Dog Chewing Toys

A dog with its mouth open

Dog bones. Bone chew toys are effective as chewing toys but they are not recommended as playthings for very young puppies and do not provide a lot of mental stimulation for older dogs. Many times bones are chewed because they contain a small toy or ball that the dog has been chasing so it feels its need to chew it. If the dog bone contains a significant amount of sugar, however, this sugar becomes its constant source of mental stimulation.

Dog toys made from different sizes of bones. There are many different sizes of bones that different breeds of dogs can be given chew toys. The size of a dog’s bones will have a significant effect on how well it chews. The larger the bones are the more often the dog will spend time trying to break them down.

Dog biscuit bones. These dog treats are extremely large and offer an assortment of different smells and tastes. If you have a puppy, you may wish to try a large dog biscuit treat of half a pound. You can also give your puppy smaller ones if it is growing quickly. The biscuits are high in protein and can be used as a toy for your puppy when it has just been weaned or if you are looking for something a little bit smaller to play with.

Durable dog bones. Chewing bones are made out of durable materials such as plastic or wood. You will want to buy a chew toy made from durable material because it will last longer. You do not want to replace the dog’s old chew toy after only a few days.

Bottom Line

Nylon bones. Some chew toys are made with nylon bones. Nylon bones are very soft. They are also very durable. When you go to purchase your new chew toy, look for one that uses nylon bones. This is the most common kind of material that is used to make chew toys.

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