Teach Your Dog How to Do the Sit and Stay – A Brief And Easy Guide

sit means sit dog training

The company was started in 1998 by Fred Hassen, now retired, who was then CEO of The Great Train Dogs. He found that his energetic dog “Muff” had some behavior problems at a young age, which included being aggressive, destructive and disobedient to authority. To correct this problem, he and his fellow owners made the business a national one. Today, the business is known for its distinctive training methods and revolutionary sit-stay-fetch training technique.

Uses A Very Unique Methodology

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Hassen uses a very unique methodology when teaching his sit and stay dogs. Instead of using treats and praise to encourage specific behavior, he encourages positive reinforcement and motivation. His sit and stay method promotes the idea that using a sit command will bring your dog to a sit or remain position faster and easier than using a stay command. For example, if you say, “sit,” your dog will likely sit down.

The key to training this way is to keep a calm and even tone in your voice while issuing these commands. You don’t want to yell at your pup because it won’t listen! Remind them of what they’re supposed to do by repeating it over again until they understand. You can use hand signals, a clicker and physical touching to reinforce sit or stay. A well-behaved dog is easily trained. In fact, your family pet can be trained for obedience within hours.

 Highly Successful Training System

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Many dog trainers have found this highly successful training system. People praise the puppies and the dogs for their compliance without questioning their obedience. The owner often becomes the center of praises and adoration for his prized pet. These positive feedbacks can last for many months. In the training sessions, the sit and stay commands are learned first before other commands like sit, come, etc.

This way of teaching dogs doesn’t require the intervention of an authority figure. Dogs learn at their own pace. Training them to sit means they learn to respect your authority as the leader of the pack. They also learn the behavior that’s considered proper when they sit, so that they sit down only when they’re supposed to.

To teach the sit and stay method requires commitment and consistency on the part of both the owner and the dog. Training sessions should not exceed thirty minutes at a time, though sometimes longer. You can’t expect a fast acting dog to sit down for fear of getting rewarded (not possible!). As long as your pup respects your authority and listens to your commands, they’ll quickly learn how to sit.

Not A Difficult Task

The sit and stay is not hard to master, but it does require that you exert patience and effort on your part. It is not something that can be accomplished in a short amount of time. If you don’t have enough patience and are willing to put in a lot of effort, you can opt for other training methods like clicker training or the traditional teaching of the sit command. 

Final Words

Teaching your dog the sit and stay is not difficult, as long as you know what you’re doing. If you want a really fast and effective method, consider the use of a clicker. Clicker training offers some fast results, too. You simply click the clicker and immediately give your dog the treat that it was seeking (a favorite of mine is cheese). There really is no need for fancy dog toys or other training tools if you want to get great results when it comes to teaching your dog to do the sit and stay.

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