Senior Dog Incontinence Products Help Your Pet Live A Longer Life

senior dog incontinence products

Incontinence can be one of the most frustrating problems for older dogs. This is especially true for larger dogs that have difficulty getting in and out of a litter box or having an occasional bath. Larger dogs are also less able to manage their bladders effectively, which makes them more susceptible to urinary tract infections. With these issues becoming more common among senior dog owners, it is important to know what you can do to help your dog manage its incontinence problem.

Change The Dog’s Diet 

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One option is for the owner to change the dog’s diet and encourage it to drink more water. Water and other liquids are very good at flushing the bladder and reducing urine output. This is one way for owners to address the issue of the dog’s urinary tract but they should do so under the guidance of their veterinarian. This will ensure that your pet’s urinary system is receiving the proper nutrients and avoid harmful chemicals and preservatives that could affect its health. Giving your dog more access to a clean water source will also help to keep the area around the kidneys clean and free from bacteria. In addition, giving your pet access to a clean wet bed will help to regulate the area’s moisture, helping to avoid infections and skin rashes.

Other incontinence products for senior dog owners include specially designed incontinence pads. These pads fit just right around the lower abdomen of your dog and prevent urine from escaping. They also have a special Velcro closure that makes it easier for you to secure. Some of these pads even come with an internal absorbent sock to catch any urine that drips.

 Incontinence Supplies Can Be Purchased Separately

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Some incontinence supplies can be purchased separately. For example, adult diapers can help to reduce the amount of friction that happens to cause the incontinence. This will help to eliminate the need to pull on your dog’s leash and will make it much less embarrassing for him or her. Adult diapers are available in different styles and absorbency options. It may be helpful to ask your veterinarian which size he recommends for your dog.

Major Concern Of Senior Dog Owners

The number one concern of senior dog owners is smell. Thus, many dog owners with incontinence issues find it helpful to use incontinence products with a strong odor elimination mechanism. This way, the owner can easily manage his or her home without dealing with the unpleasant smell that results from urine in a wet diaper. Potty accidents can also easily be managed by using incontinence wipes that can clean up the urine immediately. There are several types of incontinence wipes available on the market that can help to manage the smell as well as eliminate it from the area around the bladder.

Final Words

There are also specially designed products that can help to stop the bleeding caused by incontinence. Some dogs experience problems with blood loss after they lose their body hair, which can lead to infections if they are not kept clean. A blood loss can also result in the loss of smell, which makes it very difficult to train your dog to urinate in the proper place. These products can help to replace the necessary parts lost due to incontinence. For senior dog owners who want to help their pets live a longer, healthier life, these products should always be used.

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