Reasons Your Golden Retriever Must Have A Flea And Tick Remover

Reasons Your Golden Retriever Must Have A Flea And Tick Remover

Are fleas and ticks irritating your Golden Retriever? Well, you’re not alone. Retrievers usually have long hairs. And while their shiny hair looks awesome when it bounces during these dogs move, it also invites a lot of unwanted guests such as ticks and fleas. Although these insects are tiny in size, they infect your dog with several critical illnesses, which can often lead to your dog’s death.

In this article, we’re going to introduce a revolutionary product that will help you keep these ticks and fleas miles away from your dog. But first, let us see why fleas and ticks are bad for your dog. So, here we go.

Fleas and Ticks Are Harmful To Your Golden Retriever

A bite from the fleas and ticks might not be that painful for your dog. He might not even feel it. But these ticks can cause a lot of trouble for you and your precious Golden Retriever. The ticks might be small, but they spread some serious diseases to your dog. Generally, the infection starts to spread after two days of biting.

However, the disease may even appear after weeks and months after a tick bites your dog. These might may cause multiple diseases such as Lyme, Anaplasmosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and even Babesiosis. The last one is pretty hard to get rid of as there aren’t any specific medicine to treat it yet.

That’s why your primary goal should be to keep the ticks away and protect your dog from being bitten by one.

How Can You Keep These Ticks Away?

Ticks and fleas are a real headache. So, the best way to keep your dog safe is to keep these parasite insects away. Here are some ways you can keep your dog safe from these ticks and fleas:

  • Keep the grasses of your backyard short. Fleas and ticks usually lurk around these long grass-strands. So, keeping your yard’s grass short will help you remove most of the ticks and fleas.
  • Try to stay away from bushes and long grasses while you’re playing with your Golden Retriever.
  • Go to your dog trainer or an animal specialist once in a while and get medicines to prevent ticks.
  • You can even try different tick and flea prevention shampoo to keep them away.
  • You must check if your dog has ticks hiding beneath his long hair every time you bring him back to home from outside and comb his hair.

Flea And Tick Remover For Your Golden Retriever

Just like we said before, the best way to keep your dogs safe from ticks is to keep these lousy insects away. One effective way to accomplish this is to comb your dog every time he returns from the outside. That’s why we’re introducing this Flea and Tick Remover that will help you comb all the ticks out of your Golden Retriever.

Reasons Your Golden Retriever Must Have A Flea And Tick Remover
Reasons Your Golden Retriever Must Have A Flea And Tick Remover

This electrical tick-removing comb will smoothly drive the ticks and fleas out of your dog’s hairy body. Unlike other chemical-based products that might harm your dog, this comb will effectively remove fleas without using any harmful ingredients.

It’s powered by 2x AA batteries, which will last long enough to help you comb your dog’s hair smoothly. Now, you don’t have to sacrifice your Golden Retriever’s health. Get this amazing flea-removing comb, and you’re all set to fight against these harmful insects.

Flea Repelling Dog Collar

Combing the fleas out every day is a good habit, but it would be even better if you could stop the fleas from even coming near your dog. Your Retriever has long strands of hair, and you can use normal flea repellants on him. What if you could repel all the fleas with just a collar? With this Flea Repelling Dog Collar, you can do this now.

Reasons Your Golden Retriever Must Have A Flea And Tick Remover
Reasons Your Golden Retriever Must Have A Flea And Tick Remover

This collar efficiently resists mosquitos, fleas, and ticks from coming near your dog. This collar is completely water-proof and non-toxic so your dog can move anywhere, including waterbodies, without any restrictions.

It is made of thermoplastic rubber, and his flea repelling collar has a long life-time of up to 8 months. Get this for your dog today and keep him safe from those nasty bugs.

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