Protecting Your Dog From Other Dogs Or Pets

dog attack defense products

Dog bite defense products are a growing market and there are a number of manufacturers who are dedicated to making sure your dog is safe in the hands of the right brand. It can be difficult to find a dog bite defense product that will fit your dog well, especially if you have a large breed dog or one with unique physical characteristics such as short, stocky legs or a hooked tail. But with a little research it is possible to find products that were specifically designed for your dog and designed with your own dog in mind. Here are a few points to consider when shopping around.

A number of dog bite defense products are designed with the owner or potential owner in mind. This means that they are specifically designed for owners, not dog lovers. Most of these so-called “defense” products are simply a way for the manufacturer to sell more products.

An Animal Implant

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The first thing you should look for is an animal implant (or dog jaw collar) which is surgically implantable. These are typically only used in serious cases or to prevent further attacks from happening. However, if your pet gets out and attacks another pet or person then you may want to consider one of these.

Collars are another option. They come in many different varieties and can be used for training, identification, protection and even fashion. Some of them attach to your dog’s collar, others clip to your dog’s leash. Many of the collars available for dogs are designed to have an “X” through the center so other dogs can see it. If your dog attacks another dog or person then the collar can be used to quickly distract him so other help can be called. This type of product is only to be used as a last resort.

Pepper Spray

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Dog bite defense products such as pepper spray can be an option. Pepper spray is generally non-toxic but some dogs have been known to have problems with getting it to spray properly. It is not recommended to use on small or timid dogs as the mist can irritate their eyes. You will need to also keep in mind that some dogs may be allergic to the spray. If your dog has any sort of reaction when sprayed, stop using it immediately.

If you prefer a non-lethal dog bite defense product then you may want to consider stun guns. These are very easy to use and they do not pose much danger to dogs. There is some controversy surrounding the stun gun as many people believe it should not be legal to carry stun guns openly in most states. On the other hand, the dogs often cannot escape from a stun gun long enough to stop it. This is one of the only products that work on many dogs.

Spray Dogs

Spray dogs are another popular dog bite defense product. These devices release a spray that resembles an aerosol can of paint that you would use to paint your car. The dog will often take off running when the spray hits him. This product can be dangerous for small children and animals so make sure you always supervise children with these sprays and with any dog. It can also be dangerous to use if your dog tries to escape.


In most cases, you will not have much success in dissuading a dog from biting. In some cases, you may be able to slow him down or get him to stop, but he will still bite if given the opportunity. Dogs are unpredictable and while we may feel secure around them, they may not. Protect yourself by protecting your dog from other dogs and pets.

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