Potty Training Puppy: The Importance Of A Fixed Meal Schedule

Potty Training Puppy: The Importance Of A Fixed Meal Schedule

What is one of the most important things you must know to provide the right potty training to your puppy?

It’s when he’s going to have the urge to eliminate potty. And the most common time your dog will finish his business is after his meal so you can train him accordingly. If you are out in the office and your dog doesn’t get to eat for a long time. These things can seriously mess the potty training up.

In this article, we’re going to reveal a product that will help your dog get his meal at the right time, even if you’re not around. So, let’s dive in.

Why Is A Fixed Mealtime Important For Potty Training Of Your Puppy?

There is no denying that the meal of your puppy has a serious relationship with his mealtime. Let’s face it. Potty training your pup is already difficult. And you can never know when they’re going to finish their business.

But there’s still some way to predict if your dog is going to eliminate. And the most common time a puppy eliminates is after having his meal. That’s why mealtime is an essential element in potty training of your puppy.

When you schedule your pup’s mealtime and train him to follow the pattern, you’re training your puppy to eliminate poop at a certain time. They will know that they should always go to eliminate the potty right after they finish their meal. This way, you can effectively train your puppy to avoid any unwanted accidents.

Some Food For Your Puppy To Have A Proper Potty Training

Now, you already know how important it is to have a proper meal schedule so you can give your pup the right potty training. In this section, you’re going to see two best automatic food dispensers that will help you feed and potty train your baby dog.

1. Automatic Pet Food Dispenser

You already know how important it is for your puppy to have a scheduled mealtime. It not only helps to keep them healthy and active, but it’ll also help you potty train him effectively. But it’s almost impossible to do it, especially when you live alone with your pet and have a 9-5 job.

That’s why you need an automatic pet food dispenser that will automatically feed your puppy at the right time. This way, he’ll know that it’s time to go and finish his business.

With a capacity of 3.8 L, this product can provide your dog with his food multiple times a day. You can create a fixed corner for them to have their food, so you don’t have to worry about your puppy’s food anymore. Just load it up with foods and water and keep it on autopilot. If you want to safeguard your dog’s mealtime while focusing on your job, this product is a must-have.

Potty Training Puppy: The Importance Of A Fixed Meal Schedule
Potty Training Puppy: The Importance Of A Fixed Meal Schedule

Benefits: Why Should You Buy It

It’s normal if you’re skeptical about this food and water dispenser. And there’s nothing wrong because you’re only concerned about your beloved friends. To break your doubts, here are some benefits to buying this automatic food dispenser:

  • This dispenser has an airtight container that safely holds the foods and water. This way, your dog will always stay away from surprising and life-threatening disease outbreaks.
  • It can hold up to 3.5 kgs of food and 500 ml water, which is enough to feed your dog for days.
  • As its body-structure will not allow it to turn over, you don’t have to worry about stopping it and have your dog starving.
  • Plus, your dog will get regular food, and then he can go for eliminating his poop right after the meal. It is a great way for your dog to have potty training.

2. Automatic Timed Dog Food Dispenser

Didn’t like the first one? No problem. We have another one just for you and your dog. Is it even more advanced than the previous one? You can set it up for a fixed time with an amount of meal to release. It comes with a large LCD where you can see the mealtime you’ve just set.

Potty Training Puppy: The Importance Of A Fixed Meal Schedule
Potty Training Puppy: The Importance Of A Fixed Meal Schedule

It has a big hygienic storage compartment where you can store a lot of dog foods, which will be enough to feed your dog all the long. Also, it will keep the food fresh for a long time so your dog will stay healthy.

Get this one for him today so your dog will not be hungry even if you’re somewhere else the whole day.

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