Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Is The Best Way To Train Your Canine

positive reinforcement dog training

Positive reinforcement is one of the oldest and most popular practices when it comes to dog training. It is praising your dog after every good behavior. You can reward them with their favorite treat as well. Everyone loves to get praised or get a reward for their good work and dogs are no different.

Practicing positive reinforcement dog training will quickly turn your canine baby into a well-mannered pet dog. Below is an in-depth view of positive reinforcement dog training and how it can help your dog be good.

Definition of Positive Reinforcement In Dog Training

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The first thing after adopting a dog is getting them potty trained. To do that successfully take them to a place you would like them to poop and give them the command to poop there until they do. And after finishing, give them their desired treat or show them affection. Similarly train them to sit, stand, wagtail, raise hand, bark, stop barking, handshake, and everything you want to train your dog for.

The main objective of positive reinforcement dog training is to train your dog to behave in your desired way. You can start practicing it with rewards such as treats or toys but don’t let it become their habit. As time passes by stop giving them rewards and show them affection and give praise alternatively to make them forget about the treats.

Benefits Of Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

According to science, it is the best way for dogs to adapt quickly.

You can train your fur baby using positive reinforcement while playing, thus it will let you connect better with your dog.

Pet owners who have used positive reinforcement dog training to train their dogs have seen better results in a short period.

This training method helps grow courage and confidence among dogs also lets them think of other good behaviors that can win them treats.

Don’t Say No To Them

Don’t give them mixed commands. Giving mixed commands can confuse your dog to the next level and they will stop cooperating with you. If your dog is under positive reinforcement dog training then don’t say no to them after a certain unimpressive behavior, rather replace it with positive reinforcement.


This article will help you to understand the science behind it. Now that you know and understand everything about it, you will successfully train your four-legged friend with positive reinforcement dog training.

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