Planning A Dog House Restaurant Business

dog house restaurant

The Dog House Restaurant is a modern restaurant offering excellent food and service in the heart of Singapore. The Dog House remains open daily for lunch Monday to Saturday from 11:00am to 4:00pm and Sunday from 9:00am to 4:00pm. The Dog House also serves dinner on Monday to Thursday from 5:00pm to 10:00pm and Friday from noon to 5pm. All these are situated in the central business district of Singapore.

Ms Leanne Tan

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The restaurant was founded by Ms Leanne Tan, who has been a successful owner of many restaurants. She decided to open a dog restaurant because she wanted to treat her own dog to a good meal. She loves dogs so much that she often has them as part of her staff in her restaurant. So her passion for dogs has led her to launch this amazing business.

There are two types of the Dog House Restaurant. The first one is the traditional type, which still offers a wonderful buffet style food served with huge bowls. This type of dog house serves Chinese, Japanese, Indian and other regional cuisines. The second type of the Dog House Restaurant offers an all-you-can-eat buffet style with tables that bring you food from the kitchen quickly.

Three Types Of Dining Rooms

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The restaurant offers a choice of three types of dining rooms. The first one is called the patio which is located on top of the restaurant and overlooks the pool area. The other two restaurants have a small dining room and a bigger garden room that are open to outside dining.

The restaurant serves its best dishes using fresh ingredients. The dog house uses mainly fresh vegetables, fresh seafood and chicken and beef. The recipes used are unique and are named after the dog breed, they are made for. For instance, the Beagle dog house recipe uses duck and venison and the German Shepherd recipe uses red meat. Each of the recipes have their own unique way of preparing them.

The atmosphere of the Dog House Restaurant is absolutely the perfect setting to bring your dog to. The restaurant serves their specialty foods from their garden, which is filled with herbs and vegetables. They have a special arrangement for their dog’s meals which includes plenty of fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, whole grain breads and cereals. They have even included vegetarian foods such as rice, beans and even cold meats. This makes the dog house a healthy place to eat.

Variety Of Imported Drinks

They offer several different types of drinks to please everyone in the family. Their drink menu includes a variety of imported drinks and one very popular brand. The restaurant also offers free coffee, tea and hot chocolate during their lunch and dinner menus. There are several different kinds of sandwiches that are offered as well along with homemade soups and salads.

If you want a restaurant business that will last for many years, you need to create a dog house menu that will be able to attract customers. It is essential that the dog house has a fun atmosphere. It should be lively, have a good food selection and be set up to allow people to socialize with their dogs. You must always make sure that your guests are able to compliment the taste of the food that is served. If you follow these simple tips you will soon be able to have a successful restaurant business plan.

Final Word

Once you have decided on some of the basic items and presented them to your customer you need to focus on developing a pleasant atmosphere. The way that you advertise your dog house restaurant is going to be the most important aspect of the entire business. You want to create a space that is going to impress both your customers and the neighbors. When people come to visit your dog house restaurant they are going to want to be greeted by a friendly face. The right advertisement can go a long way in creating this environment.

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