Pitbulls – Characteristics Temperament Health and Training

Pitbulls are one of the most misunderstood breeds of dogs. Pitbulls’ bad reputation is due to their aggressive nature, which is caused by irresponsible owners who train Pitbulls to fight other animals and people. Pitbulls can be very gentle with humans if they are raised in a loving environment. Pitbull puppies should never be purchased unless you intend on

Pit Bull Temperament & Traits

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Will fight if provoked (purposefully)

Can become very aggressive ( protection purposes)

Extremely loyal, loving animals with the right training

Pitbulls need to receive at least 1 hour of exercise per day or they will become destructive due to boredom.

Pitbull dogs are very intelligent and can be trained to do many different tasks such as guarding, fighting other Pitbulls, herding livestock, etc. Pitbull puppies should never be purchased unless you intend on training them properly so that he or she does not become vicious.

Pitbulls are wonderful family dogs if they are raised around children however, Pitbulls should never be left alone with young children.

Pitbull Health

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Pitbulls are generally healthy. Pitbulls are an intelligent breed that learns quickly. Pitbulls are generally friendly but do have a strong prey drive, meaning Pitbulls are not the best choice for homes with small animals, including cats. Pitbulls can be trained to obey commands. Pitbulls are not the best breed to get if you want a guard dog. Pitbulls can be dangerous around children because they often play roughly, just like most other breeds of dogs. Pitbulls are usually gentle with their owners but may become aggressive towards strangers, especially if the Pitbull thinks that he or she is in danger.

Pitbulls suffer from general health issues such as heart disease, skin allergies, bladder stones, hip dysplasia, and thyroid problems.

Pitbulls are a powerful, strong breed that must be raised with respect and attention. Pitbulls make fabulous family dogs given the right match of humans to Pitbull – much like any other breed. When PitBull puppies are purchased, it is important they are properly trained so as not to become vicious or neurotic due to boredom. Pitbulls need daily walks for them to keep being happy and healthy; however, they should never be left alone with children because Pitbulls can play roughly when interacting with small animals such as cats!

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