Pets Are Our Friends and Family! Let’s Provide Safe, Fresh, and Healthy Water to Them Anytime!

An on-demand food and water dispenser for pets contain a base structure with a base floor and a surrounding substantially vertical base wall structure capable of holding water; a food bowl with a bowl floor and a surrounding substantially vertical bowl wall structure attached to the base floor within the base structure but not contacting the base wall structure, the bowl capable of holding water; and a food bowl with a bowl floor and a surrounding substantially vertical bowl wall structure attached to the base floor within the base structure but not contacting the base wall structure Crawling insects are prevented from entering the food bowl or food contained in the first chamber of the dual-chambered container by a water-filled moat created by dispensed water from the second chamber.

Portable Water/Food Dispenser for Pets

It is useful and practical for walks and journeys. It protects against dehydration in your pets. The material is free of toxic additives, making it ideal for use by pets. So, get your pet this food dispenser today!

Specifications include:

Size: 70 x 225 mm

Capacity: 258 ml (water), 200 ml (food)

Material: ABS

Package includes: Portable Water/Food Dispenser.

Item Type: Food Storage

Volume: 500g

Applicable Dog Breed: Universal

Type: Dogs

Material: Plastic



• Keeping extra food secure from rodents and an uncontrollable appetite by storing it in an external tank or jar.

• Allowing regular mealtimes even if you are unable to feed your pet at home – perfect for long workdays or travel

• Delivering smaller, more regular meals, which is important for assisting pets in losing weight or controlling health problems such as diabetes.

• The large size and shape of the food containers prevent them from falling over, preventing food waste even with enthusiastic eaters.

• Feeding outdoor pets safely and on a daily basis without leaving leftover food for wildlife or pests to eat.

A plastic container


• Typically deficient in sensors and will continue to dispense preprogrammed meals despite the existence of uneaten food.

• If several pets share the feeding area and can usurp one another’s meals, there is no way to keep track of which pet is consuming which meal.

• The dispensing motion can be loud and distracting to sensitive pets, preventing them from eating even though they are hungry.

• Since they operate best with dry food and kibbles of specific sizes, they may not be appropriate for every pet’s diet.

• Cleaning more complex designs may be difficult, and the machine can need to be disassembled to clean moving parts thoroughly.

• If the batteries fail or the electricity goes out, the feeder will not operate, resulting in missed meals and feeding disturbances.


Every pet has different dietary and feeding requirements, and automatic pet food dispensers will help meet those requirements. Check out different container choices before purchasing an automatic feeding device to find the right one for your budget and your pet’s needs. Consult your veterinarian to learn all about the advantages and disadvantages of pet food automated containers, as well as the various ways you can conveniently monitor your pet’s mealtimes.

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