Outdoor Dog Kennels – What You Should Know Before You Choose One

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Fresh air and sunshine are loved by everyone – even dogs. So, outdoor kennels are the perfect solution for your pet to enjoy the outdoors and be safe at the same time.

Outdoor Dog Kennels – Advantages Of Dog Kennels

A dog sitting on a wire fence

Kennels make the garden look good, even while dogs have their own territorial space. It helps keep them preoccupied, thus no mischievousness and ruining the rest of the garden. Having a space for themselves keep the dogs away from the house, too. For example, if your pet is a young one or one who has separation anxiety, they might scratch or chew up items in the house. It can also happen when they are alone or bored.  

Having a kennel outside the house helps in toilet training, too, as they will link the outdoors with going to the toilet. Another advantage is that dogs love being outdoors. They have expendable and bounding energy giving them the exercise and freedom that they need. It means it is less likely that you’ll be up at 11 pm trying to keep up with their playtime. Outdoors also gives the much-needed mental stimulation to them, thus calming them. 

And lastly, it keeps your belongings safe from dogs, and in turn, them safe from stuff at home that can harm them. For example, being inside the kennel makes it harder for them to give in to impulsion to eat at your cushions. The kennel becomes like their bedroom where they go, do their own thing whenever they want to – like their getaway place. At this time, the kennels are so big that they come with individual sleeping rooms, including extras like storage areas. They come in various sizes and can even be customized. 

Outdoor Dog Kennels – Portable Dog Kennels

A dog sitting on a wire fence

Then there are portable kennels that you can take with you. It is a quick, temporary use, for example, taking it with you on holiday. It isn’t supposed to house your dog for a long time. One advantage of portable ones, being easy to handle with easy folding parts or mental panels that can be fixed together. Then it also makes cleaning the kennel easier as it is usually made of metal sheets, thus, wiped effortlessly. Some even allow attaching more than one kennel, making it usable for larger dogs. 

Outdoor Dog Kennels – Some Do’s and Don’ts 

Make sure the kennel is of the correct size, with enough room to move, lie down and stand up as well. Then make sure the assembly should be accurate to protect your dog. It should have proper bedding, water, feeding bowls, and all so that your dog is comfortable enough. It should be correctly positioned. For example, kept off the ground a few inches, if possible, to avoid the floor rotting. 

The kennel is not a punishment. It is to be used as a time-out zone. It is not a place to make them feel uncomfortable, tease them or make them fear the kennel. It is not for children. A kennel is a place just for dogs, and sometimes, it might lead to the dogs biting children crawling in and out of the kennel.  


While choosing an outdoor kennel for your dog, there are things to keep in mind. It includes the size of the kennel, whether the kennel is for permanent or temporary use, where you live, for example, what the climate is like, is the roof removable or easily fit, and so on. 

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