Lowes Dog House Plans – How To Make Your Dog Be Comfortable

A birdhouse on a brick building

Building dog house plans that are well thought and that suits their requirements will give your beloved pet the perfect home it deserves. A dog is a human’s best friend and is a source of immense joy to your family and so they deserve the best care possible. If your dog doesn’t have its house yet and you are planning to build it, then a good sturdy dog house will work wonders to keep them strong and healthy and away from rain, sleet, and snow when left alone. Here is all you should know about the Lowes Dog House Plans.

Lowes Dog House Plans – Tips For Building Dog House Plans

A birdhouse in front of a building

Choose the materials that are durable, resistant to weather changes, and of good quality

Pay attention to your dog’s comforts and habits and plan accordingly

Dogs prefer spaces that are cozy and not open or airy. Also, they need enough space to get inside, lay down, or turn around so, plan accordingly

Wooden dog houses should be raised several centimeters off the ground to prevent rotting, waterlogging, and increase ventilation

Consider building a transportable dog house 

Lowes Dog House Plans – Steps To Build Dog House Plans

A close up of a toy

Select a design

This is one of the most important steps of building a quality dog house. You should select a design keeping in mind your dog’s considerations while making sure to create enough space to keep your dog warm on cool nights. Select a design that won’t cause many difficulties while constructing it and will work well.

Gather the materials

After selecting the type of dog house you want to build, you must collect all the materials needed for constructing it. Make sure to obtain a few extra in case you make mistakes while building your dog house plan. 

Wood is the best material for the house as it is a great insulator. Use weather-resistant wood for the lower platform, roofing, and any exterior walls of the structure so that it will not rot over time when damp.

Construct the platform and walls

After drawing a plan and printing it, start cutting out the wood in the required dimensions to build a platform. Pre-construct the walls and the base of the dog house so that it can be easily put together in the end. 

Insulate the walls

Make sure to add insulation to the walls before putting the dog house together. This will help them to stay much warmer and will make a much more effective and durable structure for your pet.

Assemble the house

Now that you have built your walls and platform and assembled it, attach the walls to the floor and then build the roof on top of the walls. Add a roofing material to cover it up and also to protect it in order to have a reliable dog house that will keep your pet safe.


When building a dog house, don’t be afraid to get creative however, a simple design will work just as well. Either way, make sure your pampered pet will stay comfortably and safely in their own home away from home.

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