Know The Dog Training Prices For Different Types Of Dog Training

A dog standing on top of a grass covered field

Your love for your lovely pet is beyond imagination. But even the best pet, particularly dogs, can use a little training, love, and caring for improvements. Maybe your pet doesn’t listen to you when you give him the first, second, or third command. Or your pet might be struggling hard to walk calmly on a leash or get quickly anxious when other pets are around you. It can also happen that there has been a major life change like a death of a family member or a new house, or a family member and dog might be finding it challenging to cope up. For all these situations, dog training is the ultimate solution. But the professional dog training costs some money, which is worth spending. But now the question arises what the exact dog training prices that you need to pay are? Well, it entirely depends on the type of dog training. So, let us know the various types of dog training. 

Top 2 Types Of Dog Training And Dog Training Prices

A dog standing on grass

One can break down the dog training options into two broad categories. 

Private Dog Training

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Private classes are typically offered in trainers’ facilities or at home as per the prior discussion. You will work directly with the trainer on the skills that you want in your pet. It is just like people training. 

Your pet will be taught how to sit, stay, and how to be a good companion. Similarly, the private dog trainer will also teach you how to read the use of your dog. As this is a more customized plan, the dog training prices for private training are quite high. But if you need immediate and effective results, it is the best option. 

Also, the price for private dog training varies from person to person. Each private dog trainer has a variety of packages of private drop training prices with certain features. So, go for a deal which is more suitable for you and your dog. However, while selecting the plan, also pay attention to the time duration and experience of the dog trainer. 

Group Dog Training

Unlike private dog training under group dog training, your dog will be trained with a group of similar breed dogs. The main motive of group classes is to include obedience in the dogs along with their reduction in anxiety and aggression when a new member enters a house, or you are surrounded by several pets. 

Group dog training is a tremendous way for both owners and dogs to socialize and inculcate some basic team skills. 

The dog training prices for group training are typically less high than a private session. Usually, a Basic 6-week training class will cost you around $100 only. 


All in all, spending money on dog training is not an expense it is an investment. So, decide in advance whether you need private sessions or group sessions as the dog training prices differ for both categories. Also, remember the prices will differ from country to country and from trainer to trainer.

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