Know About Dog’s Age Best To Train

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Dog training is a special challenge because a dog’s age determines what is the best to train him or her. A dog of nine months is of little use in tracking and obedience training while a dog of three years is of great help in training and being socialized. Hence, you should know about dog’s age best to train.

When teaching a dog, the way you behave with your dog determines how it behaves. A dog that had been mistreated as a puppy will react with fear and aggression when he/she comes into contact with a person who was previously angry or abusive towards the dog.

You should not think that because your dog is three years old that he/she is mature. And that can now handle everything on his/her own. Even if a dog has reached the level of maturity and is of the proper size for training, do not be surprised to find him/her exhibiting problem behavior.

Dog Training
Know About Dog’s Age Best To Train

The Prerequisite

Before starting training, you should know that it is essential to realize that dogs are animals. And they cannot do everything as you want them to. Therefore, it is important to have some level of control over your dog as it would be when having a human child. Thus, as a responsible owner, it is important that you set some rules for the dog that are clear and explicit.

One rule should include using positive commands to let your dog know what you want. The most common command used is “sit” as it is basic and can be understood by any dog. And can act as a default mode of command. However, the type of site that you give to your dog depends on the breed and size of the dog.

It is important to understand that dog trainers are not able to guess what your dog’s mood would be like. Consequently, you should not use any form of correction or punishment that would make your dog think differently about you. It is important that you listen to your dog’s entire body language and voice tone. Just in order to determine the kind of correction that is needed to communicate with your dog.

With this principle in mind, you should consider your dog to be your child, who needs love and attention. If your dog does not get enough of it, he/she will ignore your verbal commands and respond in an aggressive manner. Thus, it is essential that you take your time and be patient while dealing with a dog.

Take Help Of Some Tools

When you start dog training, the first thing that you should do is to look around for materials that could help you in training your dog. Such material includes books and videos that discuss basic dog training such as sit, stay, heel, stay, down, and stay.

Moreover, you should also look for ways in which you can prevent a dog from doing something that would otherwise prove fatal or even hurt him/her. For example, if your dog is grown up and you allow him/her to chase after small children or other pets. You should be prepared to face the consequences of that action. That is why you should choose the methods of dog training that are applicable to your dog and your family.

Dog's Age Best To Train Is Must To Know Factor
Know About Dog’s Age Best To Train

When talking about behavior, there are many books, videos, and DVD’s that talk about using treat bags or toys to teach a dog. These toys or treats can also be applied when training a dog and therefore are a cost-effective way of learning.


However, you should not get used to teaching a dog to sit using a treat because dogs are usually lazy. And after a few times of using a treat, you will realize that they don’t get tired of it. So, when you use a treat, it is important that you use it sparingly as a short-term reward. Or use it as a reward but do not reward your dog too much. And should use it only when the dog’s attention is more focused on you.

Dog training is a challenge but it is an activity that every dog owner should try to get into. It is only with your consistency and dedication that you can be able to become a dog trainer.

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