Keep Your Puppy Warm and Comfortable With a Heated Dog House

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Having a heated dog house is a great idea to keep your dog comfortable and to give him some relief from the cold winter days. Many dog owners find that it’s easier to leave their dogs outside for part or all of the day during the winter months. If you work throughout the day, however, your dog might like to be let out to roam around the backyard. Exercise and fresh air are excellent for your dog, both of you won’t need to worry about injuries that could happen inside if your dog is left alone during the winter months. You should also consider leaving your dog at home during other times of the year, especially if you live in a climate where summer is always a possibility.

Types Of Heated Dog Houses 

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There are two main types of heated dog houses available on the market today. One type of unit is built into a traditional wood heating system. These are generally cheaper to run and use less energy than some of the newer models that can be purchased separately. The traditional wood design keeps the body heat within the home, whereas some of the newer models use an electric heating element so that they can raise the body temperature above the room’s heating level. This way the entire home is heated and the dog has access to all of the warm rooms.

Use A High Efficiency Electrical Heater

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Another option available for heating your dog house is to use a high efficiency electrical heater. These units utilize a low wattage bulb to keep your dog insulated. They do not emit carbon dioxide or form any kind of mess and they are extremely efficient when it comes to using energy. Since these heating units do not heat your home, you do not have to worry about the body heat being lost when your dog goes out for a walk. Instead, he’ll have access to all of the heat that the other rooms have.

One of the biggest benefits to these heating systems is the way they work. In order to get them to a comfortable temperature, they must be kept in an insulated compartment with a ventilation system. This prevents the unit from losing any heat because it does not allow the air to escape. In order for a heated dog house to turn around properly, it needs to be large enough to accommodate the animal.

Exercise And Play 

When your dog has access to the areas of the heated dog house that are heated, he can exercise and play while the areas that are not heated remain cold. If the dog house is not large enough, he may get overheated and not be able to exercise or play properly. He may earn some health prizes as well by exercising during the winter months. If you want to reward him, you can give him a prize for each day that he stays in the area that is warm enough to stay in without jumping up on people to gain access to the cold sections.

Summing Up 

An insulated dog house makes sense for many reasons. There is no reason to use traditional fuel sources like wood for heating. If you do decide to use a wood heating source, the fireplace should be adequately vented and not left on constantly. Keeping your dog safe and comfortable while heating your dog house is worth the investment.

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