Is Dog Training Therapy Possible For Your Dog With PTSD?

dog training therapy

A new dog training therapy has been created for dogs with PTSD. The program is named Canine Connection Training: Finding Healing and Purpose Through the Training of Therapy Dogs.

The program was developed by Dr. Robert F. Young, a veterinary psychologist, and dog trainer. He was inspired to develop this dog training therapy after his experience working with PTSD in his practice. “The dogs were just waiting for me to start them on their therapy,” said Dr. Young. “I started them out with a simple socialization training class, but the real excitement came when I realized that my dogs needed the help.”

Dogs With PTSD Does Not Socialize

A dog sitting on a rock

It has been observed that many dogs with PTSD cannot interact with people and do not have any interest in socializing with people or animals. They also tend to withdraw from normal human contact and often become aggressive toward people or even other dogs. It’s difficult for these dogs to find a safe place to go to the park, go to playdates, spend time alone, or run away from home.

These dogs require regular interaction with the family and a loving and non-violent environment. And the only way to accomplish that is through dog training therapy, which gives the dog the tools to overcome his fears and overcome his anxieties.

Training And Behavioral Management Techniques

A close up of a dog lying on the ground

The program provides therapy dogs with the same training and behavioral management techniques used by the vets. The dogs will also receive a course on how to be a good pet for humans. And the program gives the dog a socialization plan that will help him overcome his fear of being alone in unfamiliar areas. The program also offers training and behavior modification to help the dog cope with PTSD.

Because of the popularity of the program, there is a waiting list for this program. As long as there are dogs with PTSD, the program will continue to offer the same services provided by vets across the nation.

The program has received a lot of great reviews from dog trainers and veterinarians. One of the trainers, Dottie, said, “The program teaches dogs the skills necessary to overcome fear and anxiety. Dogs need help to overcome their fears if they have problems coping with PTSD and teach them how to do so.

One-On-One Training For Dog And The Client

We provide one-on-one training for both the dog and the client. This helps both the dog and the client to understand what they’re doing and what they’re feeling while they’re doing it.”

The program is also very affordable. And because it can help many different types of dogs with PTSD, there is no reason that you can’t attend one or several of the sessions at your convenience. This is a great program to consider if you’re trying to get your dog a bit of therapy on his own without the added expense of a vet visit.

This dog training therapy also offers a great option for those who don’t have the time or the money to get dog training their dog at a vet’s office. For those who have busy schedules, the program is a great alternative.

Another great thing about the program is that you will not have to use treats when training. That’s something that many people with dogs with PTSD have to contend with.

Final Words

When using a vet-based program, you have to use food, treats, or praise all the time to train your dog. This can be very frustrating for your dog and is very costly. Therapy is an option to consider if you are looking for a way to help your dog overcome his fears and cope with his anxieties. There is no reason to have to suffer in silence when your dog is suffering from this disorder.

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