How To Use A Dog Training Bell

Dog Training Bell

A dog training bell is used when you want to potty train your dogs. This potty training dog bell can be very useful when you need to teach your puppy or adult dog to get house trained. You need train your pet to ring the bell when they have finished doing their business. It is a very convenient gadget. It teaches your dog to ring a bell to also let you know when they need to go outside to attend their call of nature. This can eliminate accidents.

How does it Work?

A dog with a frisbee in its mouth
  • Introducing your Dog to the Bell

First say the command ‘touch’ loud and clear and let your dog come close to the bell. You can rub a treat on it so that your dog will move closer to sniff it. As soon as its nose touches the bell, you can press your clicker, as if to say ‘yes’ and then give your dog the treat. Repeat this 10 times and keep giving a reward, until your dog learns the command ‘touch’ means to touch the bell.

  • Making  your Dog Ring the Bell
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After your dog has learned the ‘touch’ command, make it start ringing the bell. Hang it from the doorknob. Say the command ‘touch’ so that your dog goes to touch the bell and it will jingle or ring as its hanging. This will make a sound and then immediately press the clicker to say ‘yes’. Repeat this 10 times, so that your dog knows that it needs to ring the bell when you say ‘touch’.

  • Making the Bell Ring to Go Outside

Your dog now has to understand to ring the bell on her/his own when they need to go outside, only to pee or poop and not otherwise. You need to say the command ‘touch’ and make your dog ring the bell, whenever you are taking it out for poop or pee. Do it every time you are taking your dog outside for pooping or peeing. Being consistent is the key. Eventually, your dog will learn that whenever it needs to go out to attend the call of nature, it will ring the bell. 

The first time your dog successfully rings the bell on its own when it needs to go out, give her a treat, press the clicker and even praise her. Take her/him out straight away. This will help them make a connection with the bell ringing and attending the call of nature. This is a cool and useful tool to train dogs to let you know when they need to go out. It can be used to train all dogs and there are many kinds of dog training bells available. You even get electronic bells that come with specific sounds. You can train your dog to touch the bell once for pee, twice for poop and thrice to go out for play. 

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