How To Train Your Shepherd Dog: Part Two

How To Train Your Shepherd Dog: Part Two

Are you looking for a pet that is enchantingly cute and yet strong enough to protect you when the situation demands? Then you should definitely get a puppy of Shepherd dog. They’re intelligent, active, fun, and comes with a lot of endurance.

But to turn your puppy into a well-behaved, fully-grown adult, you need to train him properly so he can understand what is right and what isn’t.

In this second installment, you’re going to learn about another three ways you can train your Shepherd pup to be a nice and friendly dog. So, let’s see how you can actually train your shepherd.

Teach Your Shepherd Dog To Ask For Permission

How To Train Your Shepherd Dog: Part Two
How To Train Your Shepherd Dog: Part Two

Before you get mad at me and think it’s rude, here me out. When I’m saying that teach your Shepherd dog to ask for permission, I don’t mean that you should just command him and force him to do what you want. You should never do that and you should keep your dog happy. But it would also be awesome if your pup looks towards you for approval before doing something. For example, your puppy looking towards you before running after any stranger.

Of course, it would be great. Plus, it can also prevent you from being into awkward situations just because your dog did something he wasn’t supposed to do. That’s why you should consider doing this training with your puppy.

Train your dog to look for your approval, and you’ll be happy that you chose to train him this way.

Don’t Allow Him To Jump All The Time

Everyone likes it when their little pet jumps around them. In those moments, it seems that there can be nothing cuter than this. But let him continue to jump even after your Shepherd dog has grown up and you’ll immediately change your mind.

Also, letting your dog jump around when he’s happy can lead to troubles. Just imagine what would happen if he jumps around a little child and accidentally knocks him off.

And you definitely won’t want that. train your dog to not jump around when he’s happy. The basic rule is to ignore him when he’s jumping around and respond to him only after he stops it. Keep doing that if you need to until he stops jumping around. It might seem rude at first, but it’s the only way to train him to not jump.

Stop Him From Pulling The Leash

How To Train Your Shepherd Dog: Part Two
How To Train Your Shepherd Dog: Part Two

Pulling the leash is something that comes to every dog naturally. And your shepherd dog is no different. But many dog owners think that this behavior is just an occasional outburst of emotions. But that is absolutely wrong. In fact, if you don’t train your dog to not pull the leash early on, this behavior will never fade away.

And you have to apply the positive reinforcement technique to teach your dog not to pull the leash. Treat your dog each time he doesn’t pull the leash. This way, you’ll be encouraging him to not do that. Reward him each time he doesn’t pull the leash and you’ll have an amazing and obedient Shepherd dog who’ll make you proud.

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