How To Train Your Shepherd Dog: Part One | Tips And Tricks How To Train Your Shepherd Dog: Part One | Tips And Tricks

How To Train Your Shepherd Dog: Part One

How To Train Your Shepherd Dog: Part One

A Shepherd is one of the smartest, bravest, and friendliest dogs. And with proper training, you can easily bring the best out of them. They’re active and have a lot of endurance which makes them a perfect companion for you if you’re into hiking, running or other endurance-based activities. But to raise a great Shepherd dog, you need to train them in the right way.

In this first installment, we’re going to discuss the top 3 ways you can train your Shepherd pup to be a nice and friendly dog. So, start the list.

Make Your Shepherd Dog Socialize

How To Train Your Shepherd Dog: Part One
How To Train Your Shepherd Dog: Part One

If you have a puppy of Shepherd dog right now, you should immediately teach him to get used to new places and new people. You have to take the initiative to make him socialize. And this is the only way you can raise an outgoing, friendly, and positive Shepherd.

However, there are some people who will advise you to not let your puppy go outside before his vaccination is complete. They would say that your Shepherd pup will quickly catch diseases and this can be life-threatening for him. But unfortunately, if you wait for vaccination to be complete and do not start socializing him during his infancy, you might not get a second shot to make your Shepherd sociable. And he might not be a friendly dog you want him to be.

If you reside in an urban area in the U.S. or other similar countries with a high standard of hygiene, you can safely take your puppy out of home even if his vaccination period isn’t complete. However, if you live in a rural area, make sure there is no disease breaking out before taking your Shepherd pup out.

It’s ultimately your decision. But if you want to raise a friendly and easy-going dog, you need to train him to socialize.

Use Food As A Treat While You Train Him

Now, before you think I’m out of my mind, hear me out. I know you’ve heard people say that training your pup with a treat is wrong and this will damage their health. But that’s wrong.

If you want to be a good trainer and raise an obedient, friendly, and happy Shepherd dog, you must use the positive reinforcement technique. And treating your puppy for his accomplishments with foods and small treats is one of the best ways to train him quickly.

However, make sure you treat your dog only with a small portion of food so he’ll stay healthy. You should use other things such as toys, walks, patting on the head, and other encouraging means along with foods too. This way, your Shepherd dog will learn things at an even faster rate.

Train Him To Use His Mouth

How To Train Your Shepherd Dog: Part One
How To Train Your Shepherd Dog: Part One

If you’ve observed carefully, then you would have seen your Shepherd pup biting and chewing any stuff they get such as a toy, your shoe, a book, and whatever they get. And this is not that bad of a behavior. Actually, your puppy is happy and that’s why it’s doing all this.

You should use this opportunity and teach your puppy what is appropriate to bite and what’s not. If you train them properly, they would learn how much pressure they should ideally apply while biting anything. For example, teach him to hold your hand with light pressure as your skin is soft.

You can even go to dog training classes to help your Shepherd learn these lessons. This way, you can train him to be a great dog.

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