How to Stop Dog Eating Poop And Simple Tips To Get Your Dog To Stop Using The Bathroom At Night

stop dog eating poop products

If you are wondering what to do about your pet dog that keeps on peeing on the floor or at the corner of your yard, you need to stop dog eating poop products. The reason why dogs constantly relieve themselves outdoors is because they have poor vision. They are not able to see well so they make use of things such as trees and other plants to urinate on. While it is understandable that dogs relieve themselves, this behavior poses a danger to people. If you don’t want your dog relieving itself in your yard, you should try to train it to do it inside the house.

Turn The TV Off

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One of the best ways to stop dog eating poop in the house is to turn your TV off after it goes to bed. You can also put some old clothes over the dog hound’s nose whenever he goes out to relieve himself. In order to start training, the dog hound needs to be calm. The owner has to be in a good mood and in the right condition to provide the necessary commands.

Provide A Toy

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The most effective way to stop dog eating poop indoors is by providing them a toy that mimics another animal. If it grows with your pet dog, then he will eventually learn that this is not a comfortable thing for him to do. He can only hold it so long before he has to go, and that is the reason why he has to go outside now and then.

Play A Song

During the night, play with your dog a soothing bedtime CD so that he will eventually fall asleep. Let him roam around the house and look at the various objects there. The aim of the training is to give your dog enough distractions during the day to relieve himself. If he stays inside, you will have to let him out again at a specific time.

Avoid Giving Wet Food

A very simple way to stop dog eating poop is to avoid giving the dog his daily ration of wet food. Rather, start serving dry kibble or canned food. If you must give him wet food, be sure to serve the meals on a tray in a separate container, rather than placing it directly on the ground. Also, try to make sure that he’s given at least an hour between meals so that his stomach won’t be so accustomed to having food available at all times.


If these methods don’t work, you might want to enlist the help of a vet. Some dogs have intestinal problems that can cause them to stop dog eating poop. For these cases, a vet may be able to give you medication to alleviate the problem. It’s important, though, to remember that each case is different and should be treated with caution. If your dog is exhibiting repeated symptoms, you should talk to your vet. Your vet may be able to pinpoint the problem and provide medication for it.

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