How To Make Your Dog’s Teeth Stronger

How To Make Your Dog's Teeth Stronger

Keeping your dog’s teeth stronger can cost a lot of money. But along with that, it is worth every penny because they’re so loyal and faithful. Every dog has its value. That’s why we have them as pets, so forget money because it makes your dog no better than the mongrel next door.

Dogs need attention in lots of ways, and a walk in the park or pat on the back for being a good dog is not enough. Pet dogs need monitoring regularly by their owners, so they stay healthy and active. To protect a dog’s teeth and gums, you have to be on top of this. Just as the same goes for a dog’s nails, eyes, ears, paws, coat, and others.

Keeping Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy Is A Necessity

How To Make Your Dog Teeth Stronger
How To Make Your Dog’s Teeth Stronger

Conditions such as a toothache, mouth infection, eye irritation, gut disorders, even nail fungus are common problems for a dog and something that can be spotted early. The earlier something is detected will save the dog from unnecessary stress and protects your pocket too from high vet fees. Dental care treatment can be expensive. Some people ask their bank manager for a loan. You can avoid this by looking after your dog’s teeth and gums. Regardless of shape or size, do a regular maintenance check on your dog. Look for mouth ulcers, red gums, and decayed molars.

Keeping Your Dog’s Teeth Stronger With A Few Simple Measures

  • The best time to start cleaning the teeth is when they’re a pup. The earlier they’re introduced to the toothbrush, the better they become at accepting it.
  • It’s a new experience for the small dog, so allow the pup to familiarize himself or herself with the situation.
  • Don’t rush the process and be patient. Puppies are playful, but please stay patient until you’re successful in cleaning your dog’s teeth. You might have to be firm and coax the pup sometimes but stick with it.
  • Buy toothpaste developed, especially for puppies. 
  • Use their toothbrush and no one else’s. Gently pull open the puppy’s lip with one hand while holding its muzzle with the other. Again using gentle strokes, brush along the gum line but not with force, but with enough power to get the job done, working from the back of the mouth to the front.

Product Suggestion

How To Make Your Dog Teeth Stronger
How To Make Your Dog’s Teeth Stronger

One of my Vet friends gave me this useful tip to tackle my ever stubborn dog, Bruno. Canine teeth, like humans, also suffer from plaque. Keep a supply of chew toys for the puppy to nibble as this will help scrape off excess plaque. This interactive rubber ball, with bristles, serves a two-in-one purpose. It cleans as well as keeps the dog engaged for a while. It also has a cavity for putting in the food.

Look after your dog’s teeth because, after all, he is a man’s best friend.

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