How To Insulate Dog House

If you are thinking about bringing a dog to your house, or if you already have this awesome companion, then you must also get a dog house for your dog. After exhausting his energy chasing squirrels or fetching balls for you, your dog will need a dog house to take a retreat from the harsh weather. It could be either the blazing sun or harsh winter breeze but knowing how to insulate a dog house would help to keep your dog safe and healthy. Below, we have explained some cheap and easy methods to insulate a dog house.

Steps To Insulate Dog House

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You have two options when it comes to insulating a dog house. You could either buy an insulated dog house or do it yourself using some simple tools. We would recommend the latter since purchasing an insulated dog house could be a burden to your wallet. If you choose to insulate the dog house yourself, it would require a bit more effort. But it would be cost effective and definitely worth it.

So let’s take a look at some of the ways you could insulate a dog house:

Electrical heating

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If you are willing to roll out some cash, installing electrical heaters in the dog house could be an option for you. But for this, you would need a large enough dog house. You would also need to ensure all the safety measures so your dog doesn’t get electrocuted. All this could amount to a price greater than buying an insulated dog house so this option isn’t viable for majority of dog owners.


Styrofoam , one of the most common materials used for various insulating products. It is quite cheap and easy to work with. However, it lacks durability and could be chewed by your dog. An effective way of using it is to place it along the walls, ceilings and floors and then covering it with either a carpet or some pieces of wood.


Fiberglass is also really inexpensive and readily available. It is also quite effective for insulation. You can cut it using scissors and tack or staple it along the walls and the floor. However, fiberglass can be irritating to the skin. So you would need to install it in such a way that your dog doesn’t come in contact with it. This can be done by covering it up with plastic or panels of wood.

Bubble Wrap

Although the bubble wrap used for packaging products could also be used here, but we are talking about a special bubble wrap which has two layers of aluminum foil bonded with polyurethane and a layer of bubble wrap on one side. It can easily be tacked, glued or stapled in place. You would also need to cover it up with wood panels or carpets to prevent your dog from chewing or damaging it.


Insulating a dog house is really easy and doesn’t require much time and effort. We have listed the best and cheapest methods to insulate a dog house so you can provide your dog the comfort that it deserves.

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