How To Compare Low Cost Dog Training Classes For Your Dog

petsmart dog training

There are other products also available. These include grooming and food containers. They are great for people who have just brought their dog home.

Price Of Dog Training At Petsmart Is $30

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The average price of dog training at PetsMart is $30 per class with many spending more than that on each lesson. Dog obedience school classes cost $200 to more than one thousand dollars per week while kennel school costs more than one thousand dollars per week for protection, therapy or support services. Most prices average well above the standard range for most families. However, the cost can be worth paying if it means you don’t have to keep buying new dog supplies from a pet supply store every time you run out of shampoo or conditioner.

Other pet product stores offer cheaper dog supplies but they don’t include support services like therapy dog training cost. When talking to an associate, it is best to get an idea of how much the dog supplies would cost without any shipping charges. Many pet products have a minimum purchase order. When talking to an associate make sure to tell them what services you would need that the price doesn’t include. The associate may be able to give you a better price than the average person.

The Cost Of Dog Training

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The cost of dog training can vary depending on the trainer. It is important to find an experienced professional who has the time to work with your pet. If a professional is used to working with dogs of all ages then the overall dog training cost will be less. The average cost is about fifty to one hundred dollars per class. The price will depend on the number of classes, the trainer will teach and the size of the class.

There are some large national companies that offer some basic classes in basic obedience and also group dog training classes for various needs. PetsMart offers many obedience classes for various age groups at an average cost. Some of the groups offer classes for puppies as young as one month to adult dogs over fifty years old. With the large variety of options available it is easy to find a course that will fit your budget and your dog’s needs. These large companies like PetsMart tend to offer good value for the money spent.

National Companies Like Petsmart

Some of the national companies like PetsMart charge more than the average cost for dog training cost. A good way to compare the prices is to check out the average cost for a large class of dogs. Then divide that average cost by the number of dogs in the class to get an idea of the average dog training cost for each class. You might also consider getting a few classes from different companies. This will allow you to compare the price and find the best option for your family.


Some of the costs associated with private dog trainers include food, which can be costly if purchased on a regular basis and delivered to your home. Some of the dog obedience classes may charge an additional fee per session. Additional costs for additional sessions may include the cost of using a telephone line to contact the trainer and transportation costs if you have to take your dog to appointments. The great thing about the new PetsMart model is that it allows everyone to work at their own pace so dog obedience training cost is very low for everyone.

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