How To Build A Dog House – Dog Houses Are Not Just Made Out Of Stone

building a dog house

Luckily, many people have learned of these types of houses and here are some great reasons why you should consider them as well. Are here to guide you in building a dog house safely and the advantages of dog friendly living space.

The main reason that building a doghouse has become so popular is because of the lack of space. This is especially true when you start with a square or rectangular shaped dog house. By adding some additional roofing paper to the outside of the dog bed you can make it a much longer and more attractive shape. If you decide to cut the roofing paper to whatever shape you choose, you should be sure that you have marked the place on the piece of wood where the cut portion will go.

A Shelter From The Rain

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A doghouse is most often used as a shelter from the rain. If this is the case you should make sure that you have enough space under the doorway to put something like a large piece of floor tile. This will allow you to avoid your dog jumping up on your furniture when it is raining. Also, if you put in carpeting you can keep your furniture from getting soaked while you are entertaining company outside.

After you have your flooring installed it will be time to move on to the next item. A good idea would be to buy a door that attaches to the side of the doorway by a plastic hinge and has a clicker device that you can attach to the door. This will be an excellent deterrent for potential thieves since they will know that if they attempt to open the door the clicker will go off and alert the authorities.

A Doorway

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The next item you will need to create is a doorway. A door is just a simple panel with a flap on the top and two flaps on either side. To make this doorway you can use the same type of panel and just cut the flap out and attach it to the other side. Or, you can use two panels cut to the correct measurements. Then you will cut a series of rectangular wooden slats that will attach to the side of the door. Once you have these panels cut to the proper dimensions attach them securely to the sides of the doorway.

The next item you will need to make sure you have installed is a sturdy floor. Most people think that a nice solid floor will be fine. But, if you have young children they may not be so gentle. If your dog house has a doorway attached to it then you should make sure you have a sturdy floor that is made of a tough material.

An Inside Dry Area

After you have built an adequate doghouse and you have the flooring covered, you must next consider an inside dry area for your dog. An inside dry area is much easier to maintain than an outside area. Because of the size of the dog, you are going to want to make sure the inside dry area is big enough for your pet to turn around in.

Usually, dogs are able to turn about four times before they fall out of their doghouse. And, they are much happier in an inside dry area. You can place newspaper inside the doghouse and make sure it is somewhat covered.

Final Words

Once you have made the necessary adjustments and have placed on the floor in place inside your doghouse, you can then begin building the outside portion. To build this part of the house, you should start by building the walls. Your first consideration when building a dog house is how much room you need for the doors and windows. If you can only spare a small section of the door for the dog to walk through, you should make that portion larger. You can even take out windows if you need more room for the doors.

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