House Training A Puppy: Top 3 Tips You Need To Follow

House Training A Puppy: Top 3 Tips You Need To Follow

Puppies are some of the cutest creatures you can ever bring to your home. They’re cute, adorable, affectionate, and fun to be with. But it won’t take much time for this fun to turn into a total disaster if you don’t provide your puppy with the right house training.

However, the new owners are often clueless when it comes to house train their puppy. They literally don’t know where to start and quickly mess things up. If you’re one of them, then don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

In this article, you’re going to learn about the top three tips you need to follow to house train your puppy.

So, let’s dive in.

The Right Time For House Training A Puppy

House Training A Puppy: Top 3 Tips You Need To Follow
House Training A Puppy: Top 3 Tips You Need To Follow

You can’t just start the house training of a puppy anytime you want. Just like every other training, this training also has a proper time to start. According to experts, the right time to begin house training is when your puppy is around 12-16 weeks old.

Any kind of training before that is almost destined to fail as your puppy hasn’t learned how to control his bladder yet. Therefore, you need to start your dog’s house training after he crosses the 12-week mark.

Also, if you have bought a puppy who is more than 12-weeks-old, it might take you a while to make him adopt house training. Because he has been pottying around his cage in the store so it’s going to be hard for him to suddenly change this behavior. But with continuous training, your dog will learn things quickly too.

Never Punish Your Puppy For An Accident

No matter how much you’re training your puppy, in the initial days, they’ll make mistakes. They’ll accidentally eliminate potty in unlikely places. But they will eventually learn those things with training. So, you shouldn’t really punish them for it.

Instead, you should continue to train him until he no longer makes these accidental mistakes. Talk to him in a calm voice and don’t punish him. Because even if you do, dogs’ brain doesn’t function in the way to understand why you’re angry.

Steps To House Train Your Puppy

To make your puppy adequately house-trained, you need to follow certain steps. These steps will help your puppy to learn how to finish his business outside in a single spot. So, here are some steps to house train your puppy:

House Training A Puppy: Top 3 Tips You Need To Follow
House Training A Puppy: Top 3 Tips You Need To Follow
  • Create a proper and fixed meal schedule for your pup and don’t let him eat extra food in between his meals. However, you can still use little treats when he does something right. Still, you should try to reduce the number of times you’re treating him.
  • Make sure you’re taking your puppy to his potty spot at least every hour. It should also be your first priority to take him to the spot right after he wakes up in the morning and just before he sleeps. Again, you should take him out every time he finishes his meal.
  • Always take him to the same place to let him finish his business. This way, they’ll learn where they should go if they need to eliminate poop.
  • Praise him and give him a small reward every time your pup follows the house training correctly.

If you follow all these steps without fail, you’ll have a nicely trained puppy.

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