Here Are Some Dog Harnesses For Schutzhund Training

Here Are Some Dog Harnesses For Schutzhund Training

Schutzhund has got a lot of bad reputation and people often misunderstand it with training that punishes dogs. People have even accused that this sport makes the dogs aggressive which in turn, makes them really dangerous to people.

But it’s not true. And despite all this acquisition, this protection training sport is still in its full swing. This training actually makes the dogs more obedient and they learn how to protect others from dangerous situations. But this training is definitely hard for dogs and not every dog qualifies to even participate in it.

In this article, we’re going to reveal two best harnesses for your dogs that will help them complete their training with a little ease. So, let’s dive in.

What Is Schutzhund Anyway?

Schutzhund is a special kind of sport for the dogs which was first developed in Germany around the start of the 20th century. It started off as a suitability test for the dogs of German Shepherd breed to see if they have the right characteristics of a working dog.

Fast forward to now, today every large and strong dog breed participates in this sport. Today, it tests if a dog has enough desire, courage, and intelligence to be trained and if they can be handled by their trainer.

This test also tests if they have enough strength, courage, agility, or stamina to complete even the most demanding tasks. It’s so challenging that even the toughest dogs can fail to pass it. So, it’s an effective way to check if a dog is suitable to become a protection dog.

Some Harnesses You Might Need In The Next Schutzhund Training

So, you want to take your dog to this incredibly tough training. If you’ve decided that it’s what you and your dog want, you need to have the proper equipment to start the training before the final exam. And a dog harness is one of the most important equipment for starting this training.

Below are two best dog harness you can buy right now.

Large Dog Training Harness

The protection dog training is already very hard and you won’t want to make it more painful for your dog. And most of the dog harnesses are usually quite uncomfortable for your dog. So, provide your dog with the comfort he deserves with this Large Dog Training Harness.

Here Are Some Dog Harnesses For Schutzhund Training
Here Are Some Dog Harnesses For Schutzhund Training

It comes with an adjustable strap. So, you can change the tightness of the harness with ease and your dog will feel comfortable in it. This harness will help you make your dog listen to what you have to say even in the toughest situations. Now, your dog no longer has to wear that collar on their neck that may choke them.

Bungee Elastic Dog Harness

A soft harness is good but most of the harnesses come with a ribbon-style rope that’s non-stretchable. This is a big disadvantage as it can easily get away from your hold if your dog’s tug is strong enough. That’s why you need a harness with an elastic rope so you can easily hold the handle no matter how many times your dog pulls it with a tug. And Bungee Elastic Dog Harness can do just that.

Here Are Some Dog Harnesses For Schutzhund Training
Here Are Some Dog Harnesses For Schutzhund Training

This leash of this harness is made of durable Nylon so it will last long no matter how many times it gets jerked. Also, you can easily adjust it according to your dog’s size so he’ll be comfortable in it. It comes with a reflective strip and an additional leash pouch. You can’t afford to not have this.

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