Giving Your Dog Better Oral Care

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Dogs, just like humans, need their canine teeth brushed. Unlike their feline counterparts, dogs do not have their toothbrush, but they can use toothpaste, especially when made for canines. This is very important to keep their mouths clean and free from bacteria that can be very bad for them. Also, as they tend to gnaw on things and ingest anything put in their mouths, having toothpaste on hand is a must. Many dog toothpaste comes with an antibacterial agent that is beneficial for the teeth.

Canine Bad Breath

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Other dental problems can affect dogs, some of which are more common than others. Canine bad breath is one of these dental problems. This is not due to any foul odor emitted from the mouth but rather from the bacteria that causes the problem. This bacteria is found in the plaque that builds up in the dog’s teeth and causes bad breath. The best dog teeth cleaning products to treat these dental problems are similar to the products used for humans. Some of these dental problems are tartar buildup, gum disease, and bacterial infections. Tartar is calcified tartar that forms on the teeth of dogs. It sticks much better than the plaque, and the smell that comes with it is pretty disgusting.

Tartar Buildup

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If you find that your dog has tartar buildup on its teeth, then you should take them to see a veterinarian have the tartar removed. The best dog teeth cleaning products include toothpaste with the Nyla bone advanced oral care dog finger brush and a soft bristle brush. The nylon advanced oral care dog finger brush is designed to remove plaque and tartar from the surface of the dog’s teeth and gums. Using gums and fresh dental flossing can help to keep the teeth and gums healthy. However, these flossing tools do not reach deep enough into the layers of the teeth for cleaning. You will need a brush with a bristled toothbrush that reaches deep enough into the gums and teeth to remove food particles and plaque. Nylabone makes these new dental brushes, and they have excellent reviews.

See The Veterinarian

If you have a canine who is developing dental disease, you may want to consider taking them to see the veterinarian as soon as possible. Some of the diseases that canine teeth can be affected by are periodontitis, gingivitis, and tartar. Periodontitis is inflammation of the gums and tissues surrounding the teeth, and gingivitis is the inflammation of the tissue associated with gums and teeth. Tartar is a hard deposit that hardens over time, which can result from a dog with gingivitis.

Find The Right Toothpaste

You can find toothpaste in the market today that can help remove plaque. Toothpaste kills the bacteria in plaque, and after a while, the plaque builds up on the tooth, causing tartar and tooth decay. However, toothpaste will not remove tartar or bacteria from deep inside the teeth. To do this, you will need to use a piece of dental floss at least once every two weeks, or use a brush with a soft-bristled brush that reaches deep enough into the gums and teeth for thorough cleaning. Dog toothpaste may be an effective way to clean your pets’ teeth, but it should be used in moderation.

Summing Up

Dog owners can also give their pet oral care products like oral gels and oral sprays to boost their immune systems, prevent gum disease, and make them less susceptible to tooth decay. These oral care products work in much the same way as human-made oral sprays and gels do. They kill bacteria in plaque by coating it with a protective layer, preventing them from attaching themselves to the tooth. This coating is made of a special plastic called polystyrene or Styrofoam, which can easily penetrate the teeth to reach and destroy harmful bacteria, resulting in the healthier and stronger gum tissue.

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