Gift You Dog With A Brand New Tutty Toys Dogs

A brown dog carrying a frisbee in its mouth

Giving your dog a new tuffy toy dog is a natural selection experiment. No matter how cute or expensive it is, there’s a risk your dog may ignore it or chew it to shreds, leaving it for dead in either case. Here are the survivors: the toys that our dogs have proven to be good for hours, if not years, of engaging, aggressive, and adorable play.

Kong Toy

A dog standing on top of a building

The black Kong toy came out on top, and for a good reason. Trainers, veterinarians, pet care experts, and dog guardians all love these ultra-strong, stuffable, bounce-able, and inexpensive toys. To entice your strong chewer, the Kong Extreme collection contains a rubber tire, bone, ball, and various sizes of the original Kong shape.


A small dog standing on grass

Nylabones were a lifeline while my dog. Radar was in his teen chewing phase. These ultra-durable, ultra-delicious bones are constructed of compressed nylon and can withstand even the most ferocious chewing. They’re affordable and last a long time, making them a terrific investment for your chew-obsessed canine. As with any bone, keep an eye on your dog’s gnawing and take away the toy if he gets a little too excited.

Cycledog Flat Tier Flyer

This is an excellent choice if your chewer is a disc dog in training. CycleDog treats are created from recycled bicycle innertubes (plus a little natural rubber), resulting in an environmentally responsible, dog-friendly, floating, flying reward.

ChuckIt Ultra Ball

Tennis balls with tougher skin are fine for dogs who aren’t eager to destroy things, but power-mouthed pups require a ball with stronger skin. The ChuckIt! Ultra Ball is made of durable rubber that can withstand a lot of tossing, fetching, and biting. It’s a fun, low-cost option for a dog who enjoys playing fetch almost as much as they enjoy chewing.

Hurley Dog Bone

Radar’s ultimate favorite toy is this brightly colored, silly-shaped toy. He may toss it, bounce it, paw it, gnaw it, bury it beneath a blanket, and it won’t indicate its age save for a few toothmarks. West Paw has a wide selection of long-lasting rubber toys created in the United States, recyclable, and guaranteed to last.

Tuffy Dog toys

Tuffy toys are a great option for dogs who enjoy soft, squishy toys but can’t stop tearing the insides out of less durable toys. These bad guys are lined and stitched with industrial-grade baggage material that is mild on gums but practically impervious to teeth and is marketed as “the world’s hardest soft toy.” Tuffy produces a variety of toys, but the Mega Ring is a terrific place to start. It’s washable, floats, and lasts a long time.

Bionic Bones

This futuristic bone toy is ergonomically designed to fit a dog’s mouth, making chewing easy and enjoyable. According to one Rover reader, it’s “perfect for a pit bull that loves to chew!” Bionic claims its bone is built for the most aggressive chewers. It’s more than simply a chew toy, though: the hollow middle can be filled with food for training and enjoyment, and it floats. There are three sizes available.

To Sum Up,

If you’re getting ready to get a new dog or putting together a gift of a tuffy toy dog, give the dogs in your life a few to try out for themselves.

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