German Shepherd And The Beginners

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The German Shepherd is a distinctive breed of dogs with features that set it apart from other breeds. These traits are what make the German Shepherd such a great breed to work with. Therefore, the first time owner must make not only an excellent dog but also one that is easy to be trained.

A German Shepherd is very confident in their dominance over other dogs, but they do need to be taught to be submissive when around people. This may seem like a contradiction, but once you understand how they learn, it becomes evident that they take after their master. They want to please you, and so they work hard to learn what you are looking for them to do. Read on to know the beginner’s guide to training a German Shepherd.

Tools Used to Train German Shepherd

The dog shock collar is one of the tools used in training your German Shepherd. The collar works by attaching a small but powerful electrical shock to the dog’s body whenever they are about to misbehave. Because the shock is so powerful, your dog has learned that he has committed a serious infraction and will be punished for it.

German Shepherd And The Beginners

German Shepherd And The Beginners

You can use the shock collar to train your dog to stop when you tell him to or even to punish them for certain actions. The shock you give will vary from one correction to another, but it will always be positive. The problem is, because of the level of pain it causes, it is important that you only use the shock collar on your dog if they are going to be used with children.

Most dogs will misbehave around other dogs. When they misbehave in public, they will look to you for a way to get back at the other dog. Once you allow your dog to associate the shock collar with their misbehavior, they will begin to learn. Also, understand that this pain is an acceptable price to pay for not misbehaving.

Good Trainer is Essential To Train German Shepherd

You must have a good trainer to teach your dog. It helps to perform simple techniques to be taught before they become familiar with using the shock collar. In some cases, the first shock collar will teach them to associate it with other types of punishment. If your German Shepherd did something in the past, you could use this method to teach them they are about to be punished.

It is also a good idea to do your research into the type of shock collar you will need to use. A shock collar will only be effective if you use a good quality device. The shock needs to be placed close to the skin without being too painful.

German Shepherd And The Beginners

German Shepherd And The Beginners

If you are using the shock collar for your dog’s first time, it is a good idea to start with a lower level shock. A thirty-second shock at first. In the beginning, this will allow them to begin with the shock collar. You can gradually increase the level of electricity they receive. However, you mustn’t use too much electricity as this could have negative effects on the dog.

One of the biggest mistakes new owners make is giving too much of the shock collar. The dog may end up becoming too scared to obey you or perhaps just because of the pain it causes. Many dogs will continue to misbehave once they are put in the shock collar.

There are many different tips and tricks to teaching your dog with the shock collar. You may find yourself having to train several dogs in a short period. This can be frustrating, but the rewards will be well worth it.


If you have trained your dog in the shock collar successfully, you will be able to turn around and teach them many tricks. For example, you can turn the collar off and then reset it so that the dog will know that it is on and only you will be able to reset it. This is a very effective and fun way to train your dog.

This guide will show you how to train your dog to obey the commands they want to learn. Once your dog masters command, you can then teach them to perform tricks. For example, you can teach them how to roll over or sit and roll.

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