Dog House Plans – Simple A-frame Projects To Build A Doghouse

Dog House Plans

Some of these free dog house plans even can be modified to fit any size of an adult dog so make sure you look for specific instructions in the plans themselves. Dog houses come in all shapes and sizes and finding a set of free dog house plans will help you build something that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Things You Need To Do 

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One of the first things you need to do when you are looking at free dog house plans is to make sure they give you enough measurements for what you are going to build. You should also make sure they tell you what type of foundation they require. They should also tell you if you need to have cement boards on the floor and what kind of roofing materials they recommend. If you are looking for free projects similar to these make sure you check out the various free dog house plans available on the internet.

The dog house plans you choose should give you a materials list of the wood you plan on using. Some woods do better than others and it should be mentioned in your materials list. Other things that you should take into consideration are whether you plan on using glue or nails. Nails can cost more if they get to the other sides of the dog house and glue can lead to water damage to the wood.

 Purchasing A Dog House Kits

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It is often tempting to purchase dog house kits because they seem very inexpensive. This is a good idea but often the dog house kits that are on sale include only a doghouse and nothing else. Dog house kits are convenient because they normally include all the material you need to build the house except for the tools. However, if you are handy with a hammer, saw and nails you can usually complete the doghouse by yourself.

Building a larger doghouse can be more complicated and may require more effort than building a smaller one. A beginner will want to start with a doghouse that is smaller. It is important to keep in mind that a larger dog house will require more tools and may take longer to build. The most common mistake that beginners make when building doghouses is overloading the springs or under loading the poles. Both mistakes can lead to costly construction problems.

Use A Simple A-frame Dog House

One easy way to build a small dog house is to use a simple a-frame dog house. This type of design would fit a person’s pocket and still provide them with all the room they would need. A small a-frame could be built from spare deck parts that would fit between two door panels. These designs can be quite simple and inexpensive when compared to other designs.

Bottom Line

A nice place to start is by choosing the shape. Dog houses can come in many different shapes but a popular option is a simple rectangle. This simple design is easy to build and it provides plenty of room for your pet. To build something more appealing try adding some rounded edges or pick a different color. For example, if you prefer a ranch house then choose a red roof and round the walls with some rounded edges. Building a small doghouse using these ideas is not very difficult and can be a fun project for the entire family.

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