Dog Digging Deterrent Products For Your Favorite Pet

dog digging deterrent products

Dogs are lovely. They bring joy to our lives. They complete our family with their selfless love and loyalty. A dog is a person’s best friend. An everyday evening walk, the moments of feeding them, playing with them in the garden, etc. just make the day complete. But playing with dogs sometimes can be a stressful task. Yes, this is true! Dog digging is a big issue. Sometimes dogs dig a lot and they can even damage the pretty flower beds and the even green cover. The article deals with the different types of dog digging deterrent products.

Why Do Dogs Dig?

A dog looking at the camera

There can be many reasons for dog digging deterrent products. One of them is natural instinct. Dogs tend to have a natural tendency to dig the soil. Dogs are omniverse, so sometimes they dig for finding prey to eat. That could be an insect or a small animal. Dogs have thick fur on their body. So, one of the reasons for dog digging deterrent products can be to find a cold environment and comfort. Boredom and anxiety can also be the reasons for dog digging.

Dog Digging Deterrent Products – Liquid Repellents

These are substances that have a characteristic odor. These substances can be essential oils or some other chemical substances. They work by repelling the dog from digging using their odor and taste. When they are applied, they irritate the dog and it eventually leaves the digging spot. Also, the taste is not pleasing. So, when it comes in contact with the dog it leaves the spot immediately. Dog digging deterrent products contain active elements like black pepper, capsaicin, piperine, etc.

Dog Digging Deterrent Products – Citronella 

A brown dog

It is a dog digging deterrent product. It is a natural oil and is very safe to use. It is obtained from lemongrass. It is obtainable in the form of a spray. It is easily available at pet stores or it can also be prepared at home. For preparation at home take a clean spray bottle and add a few drops of oil to it. Shake it vigorously. Now, just spray it in the area the dog usually digs. 

Critter Ridder

It is another dog digging deterrent products. It is available in liquid, granular, and spray form. It has a strong smell that repels the dog from the digging spot. It can work up to 30 days after one single use. 

Dog Digging Deterrent Products – Water Sprinkler Repellent

This is another type of dog digging deterrent products. It is a simple water supply jet that sprays water everywhere to 35 feet. It has no harmful substance or any chemicals to wipe later. It is absolutely eco friendly and does not harm the soil. It also acts as a watering system for the yard or garden. 


Keeping a dog and feeding them is a pleasure. But the dog can become a menace if it starts digging into the owners’ garden or neighbors’. So, it is important to find the real issue with the dog and teach it manners.

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