Dog Bath Products For Your Pet Grooming Needs

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Fresh Dog sent us 2 of theirs waterless dog bath products for our canine pals to try out: Waterless Bath Foam Shower and Waterless Bath Liquid Soap. Both are super-Scentsy wonderful. This is the dog shampoo we’ve been waiting for! This is the best one we’ve seen yet.

As with all dog bath products, the only drawback of this product is that it doesn’t work well for large breed dogs. Small dogs can also bathe in it, but like human bathing suits, they may not like it as much. The key here is to make sure you allow enough time for your dog’s bath time after receiving this product.

Tubs With Spa-Like Activities And Biscuit

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Fresh Dog received two waterless dog bath products for puppies: Tubs With Spa-Like Activities and Biscuit! Both come in medium size tubs. They’re scented with a fresh citrus scent, and they’re packaged in pretty colorful containers. It doesn’t look like these tubs will be very practical for long-term bathing, but we’ll see how they do once they get used to them. The dog bath products have scents such as Bayberry, Fruity Orange, and Grapefruit. These are good for intermediate-sized dogs that are a bit hyper or excitable about being bathed.

How Is The Smell Of These Products?

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We gave both these dog bath products a try on our four-legged friend. She had success with both of them. The Waterless Bathtub had her legs and back rinsed almost as thoroughly as she did with her old softie, and the Biscuit smelled great. After rinsing, she dried quickly with a towel, and then we added the shampoo and brushed her fur. After that, she was ready to be her usual self, and she didn’t look as excited as she usually does when receiving her bath towel.

If you want to have your dog bath products work all day long, you could choose a “Chunk” style. These chunky tubs work as the old fashion dogs do, and they give your pooch a real big bath time! They have different smells to choose from, including Bayberry, Citrus, and Grapefruit. The best thing about these dog bath products is that they don’t smell like the traditional dog shampoo at all, and they leave your pup smelling almost as good as he did before.

Tear-Resistant Bath Time Toy

Then there’s the “tear-resistant” bath time toy. You simply attach it to your dog’s collar, and when you want him to get a little extra attention, just give the toy a quick tug, and it will tear up into a shredder that is made of durable rubber. No more peeling, cracking, or splintering! When you’re done, just wash the tear-resistant toy with a mild shampoo, and your puppy is clean for hours at a time.

Final Thoughts

Finally, if you want to take your bathing to the next level, there’s a “towel blast” enclosure that looks sort of like a tub, but it sprays warm water all over your animal, preventing him from being cold or wet for very long. This product also helps repel moths that love to eat fur since the warm water will evaporate quickly. The best thing about these enclosures is that you don’t have to put them in your pet’s crate to keep him from getting wet, as they detach entirely from the body. They are safe and gentle and give your canine a truly luxurious bath time.

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