Dog Agility Training: More Tips On How To Train Your Dog

Dog Agility Training: More Tips On How To Train Your Dog

Are you thinking about taking your dog to agility training classes? Congratulations, you’re going to take your dog to a whole new level in terms of stamina and agility. Plus, this training will also help you bond better with your dog.

You can either participate in the training for fun or you can have a friendly competition with other dogs. No matter what your final goal is, it’ll make your dog happy and brave.

In this article, you’re going to learn how to train your dog in these scenarios.

So, let’s begin.

Teach Him Jumping: The First Step Of Dog Agility Training

Dog Agility Training: More Tips On How To Train Your Dog
Dog Agility Training: More Tips On How To Train Your Dog

You can’t think about dog agility training without the jumping exercises. It’s an essential sport for your dog and he’ll have a lot of fun with it. For big and medium-sized dogs, you shouldn’t let them jump 1-2 inches at first. As they don’t have the training yet, jumping any higher than this can seriously injure them.

On the other hand, for the dogs who are relatively small in size, just lay down a bar on the ground and ask them to jump over it.

It’s a good idea to train your dog to jump while the leash is on. Also, train him beforehand to help your dog understand how much he’s required to jump to cross a certain hurdle. For example, you can just say “Jump” if it’s a relatively low hurdle. If the hurdle is quite tall, say “Big Jump.”

Each time he jumps the right way, give him a lot of praise. This will give him a sense of accomplishment that will further motivate your dog to excel in agility training.

Use Tunnels

Your dog should go through a tunnel quite easily. And even if he’s hesitating at first, you can easily make him pass through it using small treats.

You should start his training with small tunnels so he can clearly see what’s on the other side. Now, take your dog near the one end of the tunnel and tell him to go through it. If possible, bring someone else to help you and have him standing near the other end of the tunnel.

Remember, your dog might hesitate to go through the tunnel at first. If he does that, try keeping multiple treats inside the tunnel. This way, he’ll eventually go all the way through it. Once he successfully accomplishes the task, give him a lot of praise and even play with him.

Now, once he gets totally comfortable with a small tunnel, try a lengthier tunnel.

Start It Early

Dog Agility Training: More Tips On How To Train Your Dog
Dog Agility Training: More Tips On How To Train Your Dog

Most of the dogs generally start agility training when they’re between 1 and 2 years old. However, you must ask your training instructor to assess if your puppy is ready to receive agility training or not. Because if your pup isn’t, then this kind of training may cause him to get severely injured.

But still, you need to get your dog ready for agility training. And that’s why you should start to give him obedience and other kinds of training way before you start his agility training. You should train him to sit, walk, eliminate potty in a certain place, to respond to his name, eat at the right time, and more basic things every dog should understand and do.

So, start his basic training early on in his puppyhood or you may get into trouble later.

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