Chunky Kong – Playing With the Traditional Kong

chunky kong

The chunky Kong was a big improvement over the bulky Kong that was featured in Donkey Kong. The chunky Kong was basically improved upon from the old standard Kong, which had big arms and legs that made it very difficult to move with. In contrast, the chunky Kong has a round shape with small arms and legs that makes it very easy to play and move around the environment. In fact, the only real difference between the chunky Kong and the original Kong is its height, which is significantly less than the giant one.

The design of the chunky kong is almost identical to that of the traditional Kong, in terms of shape and style. However, the vertical barrels of the gadget make it unique compared to the traditional Kong. The gadget features three flat bars which are arranged in a L shape with a rectangular block on top of them. The center bar has a block with a vertical barrel in the middle.

The goal of the Chunky Kongs is to perform tricks and have fun while playing the platform game. There are four unique weapons which help this gadget stand apart from other similar games such as super smash. In fact, the barrel shooting and crush consumables are the only things which can destroy these blocks. Also, there are no other enemies in this game, aside from the barrels which fire at the opponents.

An Overview

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The first two players who try will receive an unfair advantage due to the fact that they are the last ones to have their energy. As a result, the player highlights will be different than the others. The player highlights consist of four bananas and the traditional bananas in a specific order. The player highlights will change when a block is broken and will eventually increase in power, allowing the player to become stronger, jump higher, and eat more bananas.

When all four kongs are shot, the player will be rewarded with the traditional gorilla head, blue snake, and red samurai. The player will also be able to shoot the blocks, which makes them fly and eventually break the glass panels in the screen. The green vest, blue snake, and red samurai are the same colors used in the traditional games but they have special properties in that they do not disappear when broken. These four gadgets can only be used once per match.

Chunky Kong Facts

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A year after the release of this game, a sequel was released called kong wars. In this game, several new kongs were added and some old favorites were revamped. For instance, the original gorilla kong is now armed with a sword. The red samurai is armed with a mace which is used by pressing the X button.

There are also some other differences in this game, such as the change from shooting to throwing a mango. Another difference is that the block that goes through the center of the screen is replaced by a triangle. The pineapple is replaced with a hammer which can break open a few bottles in order to reveal the nunchuck inside.

The newest version of chunky Kong, called red nunchuck kong, contains similar features as its predecessors. However, the differences begin with the colors. Instead of orange and green, this version uses blue, red, and yellow. The orange and green colors are chosen for their consistency and saturation. The vertical stripes on the arms and legs of the kitty, along with the unique vertical stance, make them look like the traditional primate. They are also given a strong grip so they will stay attached to their landing area.

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