Choosing the Right Modern Dog House For Your Pup

Did you know that your modern dog house can be built from the ground up on a sturdy foundation? Most people think that modern dog houses have to be pre-built on the owner’s personal property. If you live in an area where there is plenty of flat land and there is access to a “garden”, there are many great designs for modern dog house foundations that can be built on your own. A Dog House with A Backyard Roof is an excellent choice for many areas. Here is an easy to follow video with lots of tips on how to build a modern dog house using a backyard roof as a foundation.

Decide The Location For Your Dog House

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In this article: If you are planning to build your own dog house, you will need to decide on a location. This can be any flat surface that you want to use as a foundation. You should have enough grass to cover the entire floor space of your modern dog house. Then you need to dig a small hole, wet the soil and place the metal tray in the bottom of the hole. Once the metal has been placed into the bottom of the hole, you will want to pour in enough concrete to completely level the ground. This will help you keep the weight of your dog on the floor.

After you have the base finished, you will need to build the sides and top. Many times I see people choose to put roofs over their modern dog house plans in order to make the house “bigger.” However, you should only choose a small roof over your foundation. This will help keep the cold out during the winter and will make the inside of the house warmer in the summer.

Insulate The Wall Perfectly

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If you choose to put a flat roof on your modern dog house plans, you should make sure that it is insulated well. One way to do this is to build your walls and then add insulation to them. The insulation can come in the form of foam board that can be stuck between the walls and the roof or it can be drywall. Either way, you should make sure that the insulation is water proof so that your pets do not freeze.

Most people choose to build a wood dog house these days. However, if you choose this route you should remember that you are going to be keeping a lot of clean up after you build the house. There is nothing worse than wood getting all dirty and gross because it is next to impossible to keep it clean. When you build a wood dog house, you will be cutting into your clean up time and you will be giving your dog a nice comfortable place to stay when you are not around. I know that I would love to have a wood dog house any day of the week.

Modern Dog House That Has A Grass Ramp

A very unique solution that has recently caught on is the modern dog house that has a grass ramp on it. Most dogs do not like being outside because they cannot see where they are going. With this type of dog house, you will be able to let your dog off of it and go for a nice long walk with it’s master without having to worry. This is very nice for small dogs. They will enjoy running around on their ramp and seeing new things without you having to chase after them all the time.

Summing Up

The last option that you might be interested in is the portable dog house. This type has a sloped roof that goes down to the ground but it is pitched in such a way that it fits under most trees. There is an opening in the front so that the dog can come up through it. These are very lightweight and easy to move from one place to another and they can be taken apart when needed.

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