Build A Dog House – A DIY Guide

A dog that is standing in front of a fence

Put in a little bit of creativity and effort and you will know how to build a dog house that shelters your puppy in all types of weather. Of course, this depends very much on the size of your puppy.

The first thing you need to do is to build a sturdy roof over your puppy’s entryway. Measure the entrance to the entrance and then build a rectangular or square frame with an inch and a half inch and three-eighths inches of depth for the roof panels. These panels should be securely affixed to the frame so they don’t blow away in high winds.

Use PVC Roofing Felt

A dog sitting in front of a building

Use PVC roofing felt and cut it to the proper size. Spread it on the frame and nail it down using four nails per board. Use two or three layers if you want more insulation and prevent it from rotting away in damp or humid conditions. Then attach the single sheet of roofing felt to the exterior of the frame at the bottom and one at the top. This should be securely placed on top of the concrete slab.

The next step is to build the side panels and flaps. If possible, use wood or heavy duty plastic. You will need to purchase or make enough panels for the entire exterior of the dog pen to be covered. You will also need at least three pieces of board for the door, the stairway to the top of the dog house, and the sides.

A Piece Of Plywood Or Particleboard

A dog sitting on top of a wooden door

The door will probably have holes drilled all around it. These can be covered with a piece of plywood or particleboard. Either way you will have to make sure that the door faces the right direction. Use double-sided tape to glue the door to the plywood or particle board and let it dry. Use an even layer of glue on the other two sides of the doorway and then nail all four corners of the doorway together. After this is dry you will be ready to lay the dog bedding for your DIY doghouse.

Next you will want to prepare the interior of your dog house. This includes laying down carpeting or rugs for the floor. It is important that the pet feces are removed from the floors as well. You can clean up the floors after you finish putting the finishing touches on your DIY pet house. Be sure to put a door on the side that leads to the outside of the house.

Buy Your Dog Supplies Online

If your dog has long hair, then you will want to use a pet door that goes from the doorway to the back yard. If your dog has short hair, then you should use outdoor dog houses with doorways that go from the backyard to the front yard. Building a DIY pet home will be a lot easier if you buy your dog supplies online because you will be able to view the sizes that are available before you make any purchases.


Once you have your dog house in place, you should take all the pieces you have bought and secure them together. This includes putting the roof on and installing walls if needed. Your final step should be to string the pieces together and secure them with outdoor screws. By using these DIY dog house plans, you will be able to enjoy your new pet whenever you have guests over. Your friends and family will probably want to visit more often, so build a dog house today!

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