Best Wooden Dog Houses

Dog House Wooden

Dog houses are a must-have for every dog owner because they can prevent your dogs from getting into trouble and also help to keep them safe and secure. When your dog is small or being notorious, you can keep him inside a playpen to prevent him from hurting himself or others. There are dog playpens made of many different types of materials. When they grow up, you can buy dog wooden houses as they serve as the best houses for your dogs. Here is a list of some of the best wooden dog houses.

Wooden dog houses usually do not have an additional paint or varnish and they kind of look unfinished and rustic. These are very good because they provide good insulation. Your pet can easily stay warm in winters and cool in summers. This dog house also allows plenty of customization as there is no tricky construction required. Wooden dog houses are also cost-effective.  But you need to be aware of flea or tick infestation. 

Petsfit Portable Wooden Dog House

A dog sitting in front of a house

This one is a foldable wooden dog house that does not require any tools for assembly. It comes in a single-piece construction and you can easily fold it flat when needed. The top is removable and it allows  your dog to enter into it easily. Most wooden houses are used for outdoors. This one also provides indoor functionality. It is around 2 ft higher from the ground and quite a budget-friendly option.

Best Choice Wooden Cabin

A dog sitting in front of a house

This is a weather-resistant log cabin dog house that provides shelter to your pet outdoors, has an opening roof and is perfect as an indoor kennel too. This one comes with a lot of cool features. It has an off-centered door that allows  your dog to scoot towards the side farther away from the door. It also has a raised floor that keeps water at bay in case of rain. The roof has an asphalt shingle and the top is removable. This dog house requires assembling, but it is easy to get it done.

Petsfit Indoor Wooden Dog House

This is a good option for a small dog. This wooden dog house is made from cedar wood that can withstand flea and tick infestations. The house is also aesthetically appealing. It can easily blend well with its surroundings. It is a water-based and harmless dog house. This dog house has a pretty design and can hold up things pretty well. It does not come with a removable top. It proves to be a blessing for dogs weighing under 30 lbs.

Tangkula Pet Outdoor Dog House

This outdoor pet wooden house is waterproof, weather-resistant and has a reddish brown roof. It is a large wooden dog house that complements with the green grass outdoors. The asphalt gable roof of this house enables the rain to slide and the snow to get down and not collect on top. It is a sturdy dog house with a long life span.

These are some of the best wooden dog houses available currently. 

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