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Petsmart is a chain of American stores that provide pet products and services. The first Petsmart store was opened in 1977. It is currently the largest chain of pet stores in the United States. The online PetSmart website provides customers with the information they need to make an informed decision about their pet’s needs. It also features articles that are intended to help customers maintain their pets’ good health and provide tips on how to care for them more effectively.


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Jim and Janice Dougherty devised the idea of a chain of inexpensive pet-food warehouses in the early 1980s, and with the first financial backing of Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation, they formed Pacific Coast Distributing in 1986, which became known as Pacific Coast Distributing Inc. today. The first store was opened in February 1987. By August 1989, 15 stores were opened in California, Idaho, Nevada, and Washington. The chain expanded rapidly, with the number of stores increasing to 39 in 1988 and reaching 255 by the end of 1993. After expanding into Texas with three stores in 1992, NPD became the largest privately held pet supply company in the United States. Guided by a vision of “making pet ownership affordable for everyone” by offering high-quality products at discount prices, NPD grew to become one of the most successful chains of pet-food superstores with over 500 locations throughout the United States when it was acquired by PetSmart in 1999.


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An undercover operation by a PETA employee who got jobs at three PetSmart stores in Arizona, California, and Massachusetts revealed that the company does not practice good animal care. In one case, a dog was left in a commercial kennel for eight hours without any food or water before it died. In another case, employees at a Norco store used aluminum bread pans to confine healthy dogs in cramped conditions for up to 14 hours per day without sufficient room to walk around the animals. These practices violate USDA guidelines and Department of Agriculture regulations on pet care.

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Petsmart location in South Bay closed. The Petsmart store in the 9500 block of Carmel Drive has been closed for a while now following a warehouse fire in April, but after a delay of nearly two years, the store may finally be demolished and replaced with a Trader Joe’s, according to a tweet from Trader Joe’s Jeff Moeller. Though information is scarce at this moment, it is unknown when this will happen and why the timeline was prolonged so long. In light of this situation, I wanted to provide some important advice for people interested in adopting or rehoming their Petsmart dog or cat who are still waiting for their new family member. Several PetSmart is located all over the state, some of them are

There are Petsmart in many more locations all over the United States.


Petsmart was a revolutionary beginning for pet supplies especially for those who considered their pets as part of their family. Everyone who loves their pets wants to pamper them and give them all the things they want. Petsmart is the best place for that!

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