Best Large Wooden Dog Houses

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If you have a giant dog, your furry pal is going to need an x-large dog house. Dogs indeed do like tight, enclosed spaces to shelter. It’s that “denning” instinct. But here’s the deal: that doesn’t mean that your dog likes to feel cramped. 

So, for him to be comfortable, safe, and happy, you’re going to need to make sure that you are purchasing an oversized dog house that can accommodate all that extra dog. But there are other important considerations too, like the quality and durability of the materials, the insulation and airflow inside the dog home, and even its configuration and appearance.

In this guide, we are going to introduce you to some of the best XL dog houses on the market right now in a range of categories, but first, let’s look at some important points to consider before buying an extra-large dog house.

1. Pets Imperial Insulated Wooden Dog House

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In the market for a wooden dog house which is sturdy and reasonably priced? Consider the Pets Imperial XL Dog House. This house features external dimensions of 3ft 8″ (W) x 2ft 5″ (D) x 2ft 7″ (H) and internal dimensions of 3ft 3″ (W) x 2ft 1″ (D) x 2 ft 3″ (H). With its two support rails, it can support dogs as heavy as 154 pounds. 

Why we chose it 

Triple Insulation – There are three layers of insulation: timber measuring 0.47”, Styrofoam measuring 0.51”, and plywood board measuring 0.08”. According to the manufacturer, this makes the walls of its wooden kennel 150% thicker than those of many competing products.

Easy to Clean and Maintain – One of the major positives with this dog house is that the floor is removable. By taking it off, you can easily reach inside to clean it. This also comes in handy if pests have gotten inside, and you need to clear them out.

Place This Dog House Anywhere – Another cool feature that distinguishes the Pets Imperial Extra Large Insulated Wooden Dog House is its plastic cap feet. The manufacturer chose plastic over wood to resist rot. But what is really great is that you can adjust the legs so that you can make the house level on any surface. Thus this is an excellent choice if you have a hilly yard.

Keep in mind

The Wood is on the Soft Side – The biggest detractor with this dog house is its material. Even though it is an aesthetically pleasing house, the wood is pretty soft. So if you have a destructive dog, it won’t be too hard for your pet to destroy it in short order. If, on the other hand, your dog is not a chewer, it may serve your purposes.

2. Confidence Pet Plastic Outdoor House

If you prefer an XL plastic dog house over a wooden one, look into the Confidence Pet Plastic Dog Kennel. Available in several sizes, the extra-large version of this house has a door with dimensions of 14 x 24.4 inches. The overall dimensions of the product are  44 x 43 x 49. Weighing just 46 pounds, it is lightweight and easy to move compared to many heavier dog kennels.

Why we chose it

Spacious, Yet Lightweight – This plastic XL dog house offers you the best of both worlds: it is large enough to accommodate very large dogs, but it is also lightweight and portable. If you have two medium-size dogs, you might get away with having them share this house, but they’ll need to squeeze close together. Another plus is the door, which is taller than most. That means that even extra large dogs can easily get in and out.

Easy Assembly – Even if you do not have a lot of DIY skills, you should be able to assemble this dog house pretty quickly and easily by yourself. You do not need any special tools.

Keep in mind

The Plastic Isn’t All That Sturdy – The plastic this dog house is made from isn’t all that strong. In fact, it can bend or break pretty easily. Sometimes these houses may even show up damaged from shipping. Because the plastic can bend, the floor isn’t always level either, even when you have a level surface.

3. TRIXIE Classic Outdoor Wooden Dog House

If your dog is close to 95 pounds or less, you might consider the Trixie Dog House, another of our favorite wooden dog houses. The materials used in construction include glazed pine, metal, plastic, and composite asphalt shingles on the roof. With the tongue-and-groove design, water is less likely to penetrate to the interior.

Why we chose it

Smart Roof and Door Design – This house has a large, tall door that is easy to get in and out of, making it ideal for dogs that have a hard time with smaller or lower openings. Also, the roof design encourages most precipitation to fall down toward the back of the dog house away from the door.

Removable Floor – You can remove the floor of the house to clean the inside and get rid of pests.

Keep in mind

Thin Wood – As seems to be common with wooden dog houses (unfortunately), the wood used for this product is thin and a bit flimsy. This means that it may be prone to breaking, or might be susceptible to damage by your dog.

Choose from any of these three best large wooden dog houses.

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