An Enjoyable Day at the Carrollton Animal Shelter

carrollton animal shelter

The city of Carrollton, North Carolina has long been known as a place where one can go to have a great time. However, that fun and exciting place is quickly coming to an end as the city is being forced to deal with many issues that have nothing to do with the weather. With this being said, many pets are not being adopted from the local animal shelter. This past weekend, the Carrollton Animal Shelter was giving out free pets to those who are coming in for the holidays.

Offering Free Pets

A close up of a cat

“This past weekend we are offering free pets to those in the area who are coming in for the holidays. By adopting the pets from the animal shelter, you’re giving those animals a wonderful opportunity to be a part of someone’s family. When you come here holding them, you really can see just how adorable and cuddly they are, ” said Carrollton spokesperson Scott Hudson last week. Even though the shelter doesn’t get a lot of traffic, they still make sure that all of their animals are fed, looked after, and given the attention they need.

As soon as the new year begins, people are bound to start asking questions about the status of the shelters. Many have said that the staff and volunteers are overwhelmed, and that they have not seen such a large increase in donations since they first opened two years ago. “We have always had quite a significant number of visitors come to our shelter throughout the year, but at this time we have definitely noticed a spike in interest,” said Flake. Since last fall, several of the children who come to the shelter have asked if they could adopt a cat or kitten, and now a couple of kittens have been adopted. “We are truly blessed and heartened by the interest that these children have shown in adopting a cat,” said Flake.

How Are Mountains Determined?

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The animal shelter has also received twenty-one new pets this year alone, compared to fifteen last year. Of those animals, nearly half are cats, and nearly a third are ferrets. Of course, many animals choose not to stay at the Carrollton animal shelter because it is so overcrowded. This overcrowding issue is unique to the city of Carrollton, but the shelter simply does not have the resources to help with finding homes for all of the animals that come its way.

So What Constitutes “Boulder”?

There is hope, however. The shelter is working on a plan that will hopefully reduce the amount of unneutered male cats in the area, and encourage a reduction in the number of pregnant females. The plan is still in the very early stages, but so far, the results have been promising. For the feral cat population, the future looks cloudy at best, but it looks as if the Carrollton animal shelter will soon have a stable, healthy and content male and female cat population.


The Carrollton animal shelter is run entirely on a cash basis, which means that all of the funds are generated by the generosity of people like you. Any funds above and beyond the day-to-day operations are received solely by the foster parents. This ensures that every cat or kitten received at the shelter is well cared for, has loving homes, and is secure in their new environments. You can help them receive a better life through donations, and spread a better life for black cats everywhere by visiting the website listed below.

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