A Few Best Chew Toys For Dogs

A Few Best Chew Toys For Dogs

As any good pet owner will tell, you part of owning a dog is dealing with lots of chew toys for dogs. They may chew on your furniture, slippers, or even the baseboards. If trying to train them is not going very well, then you may want to give in and let them chew on toys. Just remember, the reason that your dog is eating is that they are anxious or feeling lonely for some reason. It is a good idea that when you go to buy your dog’s chew toy, you take them with you. This way, they can find a toy that will help relax them.

Different dogs will have different preferences when it comes to chewing toys, but, thankfully, they aren’t that hard to please. 

What To Choose?

Before buying a chew toy for your dog, consider his age. Young puppies will prefer something different to chew on than older puppies, and they will both like something different from older dogs.

A Few Best Chew Toys For Dogs
A Few Best Chew Toys For Dogs

Young puppies will be teething, which means that they will be trying to chew on everything! Get them a wide assortment of (relatively) inexpensive chew toys that they can munch on. You may be surprised to learn that they will appreciate soft things to chew as well as hard things, so get them some fleece toys as well as a few harder toys. Make sure the toys are appropriate for their size and that they can’t swallow any of the parts. Toys should always be too big to fit down your puppy or dog’s throat.

Adult dogs will enjoy chewing again, so get them to chew toys that they can relax with and chew on a long time, such as big rawhides. Always make sure that the rawhides are too big for them to get in their mouths. Otherwise, they may choke. It’s best if you are present to observe your dog while it is chewing in case of any problems. Older dogs may enjoy stuffed toys again and may have a favorite toy they like to carry around. Here is a list of a few toys for your little one to chew on.

Chewable Wishbone

This bone-look alike chew bone will soon be a favorite of your dog. It is nylon made and therefore does not tear and tastes like bacon!

Creature Chew Toys without Stuffing

Stuffed chew toys for dogs are a big no-no. The stuffings can choke your dog too. However, a stuffing less one is safe and fun for your furry friend.

Bone-shaped toys for dogs

A bone look-alike keeps my dog engaged for a more extended period than any other toy.

Rubber Chew Toys For Dogs

Rubber toys are trendy for dogs. This type of toy serves two purposes. First, it gives the dog something to chew on, and at the same time, they can have fun chasing it.

Stick Chew-Toys That Are Great To Play Fetch

Playing fetch with a real wood stick might prove dangerous for your little friend, but a synthetic one promises safe fun. Chew toys for dogs last a life-time. Also, the USP of these toys is their longevity. They last all teeth actions.

Rope Chew Toys

Rope chew toys are good to have. Their a little more durable, useful to tug on when you play with them.

Product suggestion

A Few Best Chew Toys For Dogs
A Few Best Chew Toys For Dogs

A ball to chase and chew is the perfect play friend for my dog. These toys come in the form like a ball, like this one. The toy is colorful and produces sound to keep your dog engaged.

Puppies that chew are doing nothing but having fun or trying to get some comfort for their new teeth. It is a healthy, natural pet behavior to do so. 

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