5 Amazing Red Dog Culture House Animations To Watch

red dog culture house

If you are someone who adores animated stuff then you may have come across Red Dog studios. The company is based in Korea and works entirely in the field of animation. The Korean animation studio Red Dog Culture House is known not just for its animation but for light novels and webtoons as well. The studio has grown a lot over the past few years. Below are 5 amazing Red Dog Culture House animations that one must watch.

Good Hunting

A man holding a cat

Are you a fan of robots? Then the story is for you. Good Hunting is a short film, which is available on Netflix. The story follows a boy whose father is a spirit hunter. He meets a huli jing and makes connections with the creature. A huli jing is a mythical being who can change shape. The plot revolves around these two people.

Tales Weaver

A man and a woman playing a video game

Tales Weaver was made for a PC game called Tales Weaver by NEXON. The 2019 film was set in the imaginary world of Anomarad. Players have to select a character and collect points. The film also showed the four most important cities which are Narvik, Laydia, Clad, and Kaul. There are many other films that are established in the game universe.

Hero Cantare

Hero Cantare animated film was released in 2019 for the mobile RPG game called by the same name. The Hero Cantare game was developed by NGEL GAMES and NAVER WEBTOON. This game is pretty similar to MCU or DC where multiple superheroes exist. Here you will come across all the cool characters from webtoons. The movie was based on the same idea.

A Day Before Us

A Day Before Us is not exactly an animated film but rather a series. The storyline is set with two couples. The main characters include Ha Eun, Yeo Reum, Yeon Woo, and Kim Wook. These two couples will bond and each episode has a focused couple. The series is a love story that will cheer your day.


The action-packed movie by Red Dog studio. The story revolves around Talon’s commanders also known as the Doomfist. Like other movies, this as well was released in 2019. The film is ideal for someone who likes to explore the action and adventure genre. There is a lot of fiction and animation work that enhances the experience of viewers.


Red Dog Culture House has a huge fan base. They have a unique and attractive animation style that many love. They are not just animating but also working on light novels and several comics or popularly known as webtoons. The above mentioned are 5 amazing animated films and series from Red Dog studios. The list includes the 2020 movie Good Hunting. The 2019 promotional films Tales Weaver, Hero Cantare, Overwatch, and series called A Day Before Us.

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