4 Ways Dog Agility Training Will Benefit You And Your Dog

4 Ways Dog Agility Training Will Benefit You And Your Dog

Are you taking your dog to the right instructor for his agility training? If you’re not, then you should definitely think about it right now.

Unlike other specialized training like Schutzhund which is limited to a small number of dog breeds, agility training is something every dog should participate in with their owner. And its perks are unlimited.

In this article, you’ll learn about the top 4 reasons you should take your dog for agility training.

So, fasten your seatbelts. Here we go…

Agility Training Makes Your Dog More Confident

It’s not only the TV commercial dogs that need agility training, but it’s also important for your dog too. This kind of training helps your dog to quickly make a special bond with you. As a result, it throws off your dog’s fear of unknown terrains and makes them well-mannered.

confident dog approaching running.
4 Ways Dog Agility Training Will Benefit You And Your Dog

In turn, your dog gains a lot of confidence. And it will reflect in his behavior as they will never be afraid to explore unknown and scary places even if you’re not with them.

Agility Training Improves Your Dog’s Self-control

While it may seem obvious, but this training isn’t only about jumping, running, and sneaking out through dark and narrow places. The agility training teaches your dog something else too. It teaches him about the importance of self-control.

During the training sessions, your dog will have to wait for his turn while the other dogs are completing theirs. And even after that, he’ll have a leash on while he’ll be completing his part of the training with you. And even then, he’ll have to control his natural instincts to go through all the obstacles.

This way, your dog will learn to restrain himself and that’s a good thing.

You Can Control Your Dog Off-Lease

Except for the beginning, the training will teach your dog to accurately respond to the visual or the verbal cues coming right from you. And he won’t have a leash on. This way, you can also learn how to control your dog off-leash.

Sure, you’ll have the leash on your dog in the beginning. But then you’ll have to start removing the leash off him more often as the training goes on.

Dog walking with his owner without leash
4 Ways Dog Agility Training Will Benefit You And Your Dog

This way, your dog will slowly but definitely start picking up the visual and verbal cues from you and you can finally control your dog with your words and hand signs instead of the leash.

It Improves The Communication Between You And Your Dog

To succeed in this training, your dog will have to learn how to follow proper directions from you. On the other hand, you’ll also have to learn how to control your dog by expressing your wishes and feelings in the right way.

As a result, the coordination between you and your dog will improve at a steady rate. This way, your dog will learn to trust your words and you’ll learn to trust his instincts. That’s why this training can effectively improve communication between you and your dog.

This way, dog agility training will ultimately benefit you and your dog.

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