4 Cons Of Dog Shock Collar Every Dog Owner Should Be Aware Of

4 Cons Of Dog Shock Collar Every Dog Owner Should Be Aware Of

Are you thinking about incorporating a shock collar in the training of your dog?

Shock collars were first used around the ’60s to deter the hunting dogs from exhibiting bad behaviors. It’s not a way to punish your dog anyway. The main idea is to make your dog feel an uncomfortable electrical surge through their body until they stop doing a certain thing.

Although an approved shock collar won’t do any physical damage to your dog, it can certainly go wrong in a lot of different ways if you’re not careful.

In this article, you’re going to learn about the top 4 cons of using a shock collar. So, let’s dive straight in.

The Shock Of The Dog Collar

While you may think that you’ve set the shock level at its lowest limit, you can’t possibly know how it feels like to your dog. whenever you use it, you’re giving your dog a lot of pain. And that’s exactly opposite to how we’ve trained dogs earlier, through positive reinforcement technique.

Plus, every shock collar is different and so is every dog breed. Some collar’s lowest shock rating may be too high for your dog to bear. And this aversive behavior modification using a shock collar may make him a good puppy, but he’ll never be a good friend to you.

The Shock Collars Instill A Lot Of Fear In Your Dog

4 Cons Of Dog Shock Collar Every Dog Owner Should Be Aware Of
4 Cons Of Dog Shock Collar Every Dog Owner Should Be Aware Of

No matter how tempting it might seem sometimes or how much frustrated you’re feeling, never ever try to teach him a lesson using fear. It can be dangerous for him and also for you.

Here’s the problem, when you try to teach your dog something using an electric shock, you’re only instilling a lot of fear inside him. With this kind of training, they’ll start fearing you, other people, animals, or collars in general.

Here’s a true story, once an owner trained his dog to never leave the fence using a shock collar. Do you know what happened next? The dog never came out of the fence, even after the end of his training. So, never ever overuse your dog’s shock collar.

Sometimes, They Just Go Overboard

When you’re around your dog, you can use the collar manually to keep your dog’s behavior in check. But what will happen when you’re far away from your dog and the collar is in its automatic mode?

In these times, the collar may start giving your dog a lot of random shocks even when they didn’t do anything wrong. So, your dog will be confused if they did something wrong and he’ll try to correct himself for the things he didn’t do.

Do you know what will happen next? A random and totally messed-up cycle of over-correction. And it’ll be a lot of pain for both you and your dog.

Zero Positive Reward

4 Cons Of Dog Shock Collar Every Dog Owner Should Be Aware Of
4 Cons Of Dog Shock Collar Every Dog Owner Should Be Aware Of

This one is probably one of the biggest drawbacks of dog shock collars if not the biggest one. The shock collar will try to make your dog obedient by giving him shock for each of his wrong behaviors. But it can rarely teach him how to behave in a good way. And with it, you may suppress his bad behaviors, but cannot teach him how to behave like a good dog.

The only way to do that is through positive reinforcement training. You have to praise and treat your dog each time he does something good. And that’s not what the dog shock collar is doing.

So, while you may want to get rid of your dog’s bad behavior, don’t solely rely on the collar. Always teach your dog good behaviors using praise and treats along with suppressing bad behaviors through shock collars.

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